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Methas Hlaalu\'s body shipped with the original game, but it was useless, there was a dead guy in the Morag Tong\'s basement and no one wanted to know. Now that changes.

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Anyone who's an enthusiastic assassin, or an explorer, should know that in the Balmora Morag Tong Guildhall, behind two locked doors, there is the body of a man, named Methas Hlaalu. Apparently he was part of a quest that never made it to the final version of the game, but Bethesda didn't bother removing him. However, it always bugged me that he was lying there dead, with no explanation. So, with this little mod, I made one.
It's short quest, an excuse to kill some fellow assassins, and it yields some pretty good loot and rewards. The rewards are stuff for stealthy characters, and gold.
Requires Tribunal.

It has been play tested, by both me and my brother, but that doesn't mean its 100% guaranteed bug free.
Email any enquiries or bugs you've found to : [email protected]

Oh, and a final note, if you're stuck, read the readme, it has got hints. If you're still stuck, then send a whiny comment. But please, readme first, whiny comment later.