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Wrye Mash is a utility for installing and managing mods. And for managing and repairing savegames, and for... Well it\'s a long list.

Permissions and credits
* **Manage Mod Files and Load List**
* Select load mods from a list that can be sorted by: File Name, Modification
date, Size, Mod Author, Load Order, Selection State and file type (Esm/Esp).
* Select mods by loads lists which you define. E.g., define a Bethesda Mods
list, or an LGNPC or Astarsis Heads list.
* Hide rarely used mods. (Yes, there's an Unhide command too!)
* Delete and Duplicate Mods.
* Edit file name, modification date, author, description and master list.
* Automatically reset modification dates after file has been modified. (This
substantially reduces doubling problems.)
* **Manage Save Games**
* View a list of your save games sorted by: File Name, Save Name, Player Name,
Current Cell, Load Status (see below).
* Delete, Duplicate and Hide Save Games.
* Edit file name, Save Name and master list.
* **Reduce/Eliminate Doubling**
* See potential doubling before it happens. (Status boxes in save game and
master lists.)
* Automatically reset modification dates.
* Update save game files to handle changes to the masters that it depends
on and to the current load list.
* Repair References in existing files.
* **Browse Mod Documents**
* Browse documents for all mods with the [[#| Doc Browser]].
* **Run Additional Commands**
* View File Statistics. See the number and size of record types in any file.
* **Create Your Own Utilities**
* Wrye Mash provides libraries and an interface that make it (relatively)
easy to define new save and file munching utilities and make them through
the Wrye Mash interface.
* You can also define your own command line utilities for munching on data
files. (The result is not as pretty as adding your utility to Wrye Mash,
but it's a lot easier to do, and allows you to ignore the roughly twice
as complex interface code.)
* **Modify Anything**
* Because the entire source code is available, and because no special tools
are required, you can modify whatever you like.
* Of course, making modifications that don't break the program requires care,
but some things are relatively easy and safe to modify
* Context Menu structure.
* Status icons and hilight colors.
* Toolbar/launcher buttons.