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Adventure and Exploration, with more than 13 new Miscellaneous Quests across Vvardenfell.

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Version 1.7 changes a script to ensure compatibility with OpenMW. No changes otherwise.
This means that 1.6 and 1.7 are identical, except that if you want to test the mod with OpenMW you will need 1.7

This adds The Sable Dragon Inn, south of Hla Oad at the mouth of the Odai River.
There are 13 miscellaneous quests that you can find, and about 6 smaller mini-quests as well. Some of the smaller quests will rely on how well you explore the new areas, and how well you know Vvardenfell. Keep your eyes open, or you might miss them.

Hours of adventure and exploration, with new rewards for all types of characters.
Scripted events and traps.
Many new unique NPCs with dialog to read.
Suggested starting level 1-5, but enjoyable for all.

- Compatible (and recommended) with Vality's Bitter Coast mod, as long as it loads BEFORE The Sable Dragon.esp

- Compatible with Necessities of Morrowind, but it must load AFTER The Sable Dragon.esp

- Tested alongside many mods, and I found no conflicts.
Complete details are in the full ReadMe.

****There is now an online Guide at
Beware of spoilers in the Guide, I recommend you only read it if you need help.****

Follow the Forum Link below if you have questions.

This mod was cleaned with Enchanted Editor and TESTool. If you clean it with TESTool again, I suggest using Restricted Dialog cleaning.

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