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This is an expansion mod for the Bloodmoon lycanthropy system.

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Ravenous Hunger (RH) Beta V.1.4 Readme

------What does this mod do?-------

Ravenous Hunger is a complete overhaul of Bloodmoon's lycanthropy system. It adds new lycanthrope variants and gives the old system a fresh new start. Nearly every aspect of the original lycanthropy system has been changed or improved in some way.

Also Note: This is a beta, therefore it is bound to have many bugs and balancing issues. So if you notice anything odd or out of place, please don't complain about it and then give the mod a bad rating. Instead, please let me know so that I may correct the bugs and release a fixed version.


* New Werecreatures:


Werewolves are the most commonly sited lycanthrope in Tamriel. They are known to live in every province, however due to the
start of the Bloodmoon Prophecy an alarming number of them have begun to move towards Morrowind. Compared to many of the
other lycanthropes, werewolves are toward the end of the food chain. The only lycanthrope weaker than a werewolf is the
werevulture, however the only lycanthrope stealthier is the werelion. If you wish to play as a stealth based lycanthrope that is
light on its feet, you may want to give the werewolf a try.

There are now multiple werewolf variants based off of the normal Tamrielic wolves.
Currently these include the following:

-Common Werewolves - These have replaced the original BM werewolf. They are black in color and can be found in both VVardenfell and Solstheim.

-Timber Werewolves - These werewolves make-up the middle ground of the three werewolf types. They are stronger than Common Werewolves, but weaker than Snow Werewolves.
While less frequently spotted than the Common Werewolves, Timber Werewolves can be found in both Vvardenfell and Solstheim.

-Snow Werewolves - These werewolves have greater resistance to frost and are the most dangerous of the three werewolf types. They are only found in Solstheim.


Under Construction


Under Construction


Under Construction


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Under Construction

- (New Lycanthrope Stat System)
* Each different lycanthrope now has their own set of strengths and abilities that will fluctuate depending on your human stats.
You'll also recieve a bonus to your human form that will fluctuate depending on the moon phases.

- (New Transformation System)
* You will only be forced to transform when Secunda is full. The only exception is during the Bloodmoon phases which will force you to transform each night.
* Your character will now automatically put his or her equipment on after changing back into their human form.
* Transformations are now a little more dramatic. When the transformation begins your character will fall to the ground and black out.
When he/she wakes up they will be transformed. So a word of advice, DON'T transform near enemies and pay attention to the full-moon warning messages.

- (New AI System)
* Improved NPC reactions when seeing lycanthropes. Now people will actually run as soon as they see a lycanthrope. The default MW setup would make NPCs run only after a lycanthrope got close enough to touch them.

- (New Lockbashing System)
* Lycanthropes can now bash locks open in order to get through locked doors.

- (New Hunger System)
* Bloodlust is now willpower based meaning that you will have to eat less and less the higher your willpower is.
* You now have to eat your victims corpse in order to cure your bloodlust. Activating their corpse will cause your character to feed on them.
* Bloodlust now causes a near constant pain as opposed to the original hourly pain that you would experience without Ravenous Hunger. Be aware that this new bloodlust pain is just a deadly as the original.

- (New Lycanthrope Abilities)
* New options for setting your Time Scale in-game have been put in. This helps balance the new lycanthrope abilities introduced with RH. (Recommended setting is 15).
* 'Activate' button. Allows you to feed on a corpse in order to heal yourself and cure your bloodlust. (Obviously setting this key to your activate key is recommended.)
* 'Change-at-Will' button. Let's you change whenever you will it, but only if your character has a willpower of at least 80.
* 'Enhance Vision' button. Simply lets you turn your night-eye on and off. This also works in human form but it's a much smaller magnitute and fluctuates according to the current moon phase. You must have a willpower level of 50 before you can activate it.
* 'Enhance Sense of Smell' button. Lets you turn your detect creature ability on and off. Just like the enhanced vision this also works in human form but it's a much smaller magnitute and fluctuates according to the current moon phase. Must have 65 willpower to use it.

Note: (Doesn't affect lycanthrope form) Endurance now affects how long you can keep these powers going and how often you can re-use these powers. However rather than Endurance, Willpower affects how long you can stay transformed after Changing-at-Will.

Many of these abilities require your character to concentrate which takes time. Use them only when you think you're not endanger of getting slaughtered by something.

You MUST choose which key you want to use for each button by equipping the RH ring in your inventory and completing the RH configuration menu. If you don't pick a key for each of these you will NOT be able to use them in your game.

- (General Additions)
* You'll now find a few wild werewolves on Vvardenfell along with a few hiding in towns and cities.
* New ingredients obtained only through killing lycanthropes.


Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon.

This mod also requires the newest version of Morrowind Script Extender. If you decide not to use Morrowind Script Extender, then this mod may not work as intended or even at all.

This mod also requires the Morrowind Code Patch's "Strength-based Hand to Hand Damage" option to be enabled for balancing purposes. If you do not use this, the damage that you are able to dish out as a werewolf will be severely decreased.

-----Installation and Playing-----

Extract the rar archive file directly into your Morrowind/ folder. Make sure the meshes are in the data files/meshes folder, then textures in the data files/textures folder, sounds go in the data files/sound/cr/were folder, and the main .esp in the data files folder.

After that, check off Ravenous Hunger.

If you want to replace the werewolf textures with some of your own you can. To replace the Common Black Werewolf texture just
make sure they are named "Tx_Creature_Werewolf" and "Tx_Creature_Werewolf_1st", then drop them into your texture folder and overwrite any files it warns you about.
If you want to replace the Snow Werewolf or Timber Werewolf textures go to Data Files/Textures/RH/Snow Werewolf or Data Files/Textures/RH/Timber Werewolf and place your textures in there. Be sure to rename them "TX_Skin" and "TX_Skin.1st".
( Note that only TGA files will work for these two werewolves. )

You can also switch out the eyes of the werewolves if you want to. To change the Black Werewolf's eyes simply drag and drop an eye texture into you textures folder. Be sure it is named "TX_Creature_Werewolf_Eye".
If you want to change the Snow Werewolf eyes or Timber Werewolf eyes simply rename the eye file to "TX_Eye", then copy and paste it into either your Data Files/Textures/RH/Snow Werewolf folder or Data Files/Textures/RH/Timber Werewolf folder.

This mod should work just fine with old saves as long as your character isn't already a lycanthrope. If your character is already a lycanthrope, you may run into unforseen problems (although you might want to give it a shot just to be sure).
ABOVE ALL make sure your character isn't already in werewolf form before you load Ravenous Hunger.

If updating from a previous version of RH I would suggest that you turn off and delete your old copy. Then load your saves and resave them *without* RH activated. After that turn on the newer version and resave *with* it active.
(Note: Any of your characters that were one of the new Lycanthropes will no longer have Lycanthropy.)


Note: Make sure your character isn't in were-beast form.

Delete the "Ravenous Hunger" file.

Then delete the RH folders in your meshes, textures, and sound sections of your data files

If you want to get rid of the default werewolf texture replacers simply delete "Tx_Creature_Werewolf", "Tx_Creature_Werewolf_1st", and "Tx_Creature_Werewolf_Eye" from the textures folder.

-----Known Issues-----


Most of the incorporated mods will be incompatible with RH if used along side it.

No other mods are yet known to be incompatible.

*Bugs and Annoyances*
NOTE: I have NOT purposely included any changes to the BM main quest yet. This means that you may find something broken with it while playing the beta as I haven't had time to check over all of the quests. Please let me know if you see any bugs so that I can look into it.

If you lose your configuration ring for the mod you can type this into your console to get it back: Player->additem "RHConfigurationRing" 1

New areas added by mods can sometimes read strangely when dealing with the new Regionally Known Werewolf scripts.

-----Future Plans-----

Add the rest of the Tamrielic werecreatures.

Hopefully implement some of the new lycanthropes into the original Bloodmoon main quest.

Add some completely new quests for the lycanthropes.

Add new animations to make the different lycanthropes move more realisticly.

Add a Daggerfall style Hircine's Ring with it's own quest as well as some brand new lycanthrope based artifacts.

Randomize the Regionally Known Werewolf wait time to add a bit more realism to it and allow cities to randomly spread the word of you being a lycanthrope.

Add a rage system that randomly forces the player to 'divinely' transform when you are close to death in human form.

Make Change-at-Will stats based on Secunda's phases.

Add more Lycanthrope ingredients.

Replace the simple "fadeouts" that occur when using the new lycanthrope powers with cooler effects and animations.

Add Lycanthrope Hunters and Lycanthrope packs that will actually travel around at night.

Fix the rest of the known bugs.

Allow 'Domestic' werewolves to change-at-will when in combat.

-----Version History-----

Beta V.1.0 - Initial Release.

Beta V.1.1 - Fixed a problem with the sounds not installing to the correct folder. Fixed the repeating messages bug. Put in a configuration ring for the new buttons. Howling now disables player controls for 10 seconds. Various other changes and fixes.

Beta V.1.11 - Fixed the problem with the stats not resetting correctly after a transformation.

Beta V.1.2 - Enabled the Werewolf Warning mod by Glassboy. Put in the first of the new lycanthrope ingredients. Change-at-Will willpower requirement has been lowered to 80 from 100.

Beta V.1.3 - Streamlined many of the scripts and fixed a lot of the more annoying problems. Human form bonuses are now dependent on the phases of Secunda and will fluctuate according to them. Enabled a minor night-eye and detect creature toggle
for your human form (Moon Phase Dependent). Willpower now affects how long you stay transformed when you Change-at-Will and how long you can keep your night-eye/detect creature on when in human form.
Endurance now affects how often you can use your powers each day. Changed the NPC and Creature reactions when they see you in lycanthrope form to be more realistic. I've finally made my first attempt at retexturing the snow werewolf O.o .
A new menu has been put in to allow the player to set the Time Scale in order to help keep many of the new abilities balanced.

Beta V.1.4 - Completely overhauled the old hunger system. You can now bash open locks as a lycanthrope. The sound effects have been improved. Fixed various bugs and hopefully the infamous CTD that was plaguing RH. Removed the creature fear feature until I can figure out how to get it working correctly.