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AliƩnor Hairstyle - English Version 1.00
by Mandamus

Index :
I - Installation
II - Description
III- Known issues
IV - Credits/Thanks
V - Permissions
VI - Contact


- Unzip the mod into your Data Files directory in "C:\Program
Files\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind"

- In the Morrowind launcher, check the box next to the esp file that comes with
the mod.

- Launch the game.


This mod adds a new female hairstyle for human (Bretons, Imperials, Nords and Redguards) and elven (Dark, High and Wood Elves) races, available in eight colors (blond, red, brown, black...). I made the mesh myself entirely from scratch, with the exception of the ears. The texture is partly based on a photo that I took of
a wig, partly on something I drew myself in Paint Shop Pro.

This hairstyle can be chosen in the race selection menu with a new game.
If you want to use it with your current game, you can use this code in the console :

The mod was cleaned with TESAME.

Not much to add, except that I spent a lot of time working on this mesh, and I hope you will enjoy it in your game. I am happy to share it with you all!


Unfortunately the hair may clip with heads from Vanilla Morrowind, and/or with heads added by other mods. I haven't tested it with a lot of heads, only some of the heads from the mod "Vvardenfell Visages", and it seemed to work ok, at least in the cs.

This hairstyle is full alpha-enabled, meaning that the texture uses transparency to simulate real hair. The problem with this method is the overlapping alphas ; in short, there are slight graphical bugs on the hairstyle, some transparent parts "hiding" some other parts of the hair. Don't worry, as I minimized this problem as much as I could, and it's not that noticeable ingame.

Also the hairstyle may look weird on the paperdoll and under the water, due to transparency issues. I can't correct that :( , but I think this bug is not too important.

The mesh is not physiqued.

Finally, this hairstyle is a highpoly mesh, and may cause some loss of fps in your game.

If you find other bugs/problems, please let me know.


I did this mesh and this texture myself, but I have to thank the following people, who made
this mod possible :
- Rhedd, for the ear meshes.
- Gorg, for the ear textures. I renamed them to avoid any conflicts with his mods, but they are not my work.
- everyone who keeps encouraging me to mod for this great game.

If I forgot anyone, please let me know... I'm not sure I mentioned everyone I had to!


If you want to use this mod or parts of it in anything that isn't for personal use, please ask me before you do (it's not hard to get my permission). Thanks.

If you want to translate this mod into an other language, please feel free to do it!! But please drop me a message letting me know of this, as it would make me feel very happy :D


You can reach me via PMs on the wiwiland boards, the ES forums,
CI's forums.
In all these places my username is Mandamus.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and enjoy the mod :)