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SolsPro\'s Witchwood. This is LazyGhost on my old TESnexus account bringing you what you waited for

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SolsPro's first project, witchwood, is finally here.

Witchwood is a new land with a haunted backstory. There is one item fetch wilderness quest that explains a lot of the story in dialog. Also look for hidden easter eggs that explain more story detail. We chose not to tell you all about for Witchwood as its up to you to find out what happened there.

This mod adds a new island off the western coasts of RavenRock on Solstheim.

It has a minor imcompatability with Sea of Solstheim. To play witchwood, you will have to uncheck that mod in the data files location on your morrowind starter...unless you want to see weird landscape..heh not a good idea.

All the textures are pretty high res so to you with low end graphic cards, you might experience some lag issues.

Please consult the readme for more information. If any problems occur or if you find mods that clash with Witchwood, please contact me via the contact information in the readme :)

Thanks and enjoy SolsPro's Witchwood. Look out for our future mods that revamp solstheim.