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New huge landscape and 5 quests (+ EXTRA!). Require Tribunal installed. Read the readme-file for more information.

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The Bitter Island plugin.

The Bitter Island is a huge island west of Gnaar Mok and the size is about Red Mountain area. I placed
Bitter Island in 'wilderness' where Bitter Coast region ends. Bitter Island do have the same weather type
as West Gash region. The Bitter Coast region surrounds the island so you don't walk from the island in any
directions and straight into 'wilderness'.

On this island there are caves, tombs, houses and a castle. Some doors may be locked until you have been
given certain quests and got the key. Creatures which are most common in tombs or in other regions, are
now placed on this island surface. This was done to make something different.

The quests:
Quest I: Talk to Eydis Fire-eye at Guild of Fighters in Balmora. First find a note somewhere in this Guild.
Quest II: Talk to Masalinie Merian at Guild of Mages in Balmora.... hint: "Destination"
Quest III: Go to Foreign Quarter in Vivec. Did you find something you can read?
Quest IV: Visit Craftmen's Hall, Godsreach area in Mournhold, and talk to Bols Indalen.
Quest V: Go to Royal Palace, Courtyard area in Mournhold, and talk to Calvus Horatius.

+ EXTRA!!! (no hints........)
Made by Kaare Kleven
Release: 8th March 2003
Require Tribunal installed. Read the readme-file for more information.