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Makes all attacks connect with the enemy. No more swinging and missing (if you\'re in range, of course). Enjoy!

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  • Polish
For all those Oblivion Players that find playing Morrowind after Oblivion difficult, this might just make it more fun. I'm sure you've all found it incredibly annoying when you take all the trouble sneaking up to an enemy, drawing back your weapon, taking careful aim and striking, just to have the attack fade into thin air and not connect. Or if you're fighting a close battle, where your life hangs in the balance, and you move to make the final hit, to have it miss and cost you your life and the last 20 minutes of gameplay. Even if you're walking along and are attacked by a rat, you think, "I'll take care of him in the blink of an eye", and you spend the next 20 seconds swinging at it with nothing connecting.
As you probably know, this is extremely frustrating. Thus, I made this mod to eradicate the problem.

This is the first mod I've ever released, so there may be a few kinks in it that I need to iron out, however the theory is quite sound.
The chance of hitting an opponent in Morrowind is governed by the formula:

Chance to hit = Attacker's weapon skill * 1.25 + (Attacker's Attack - Defender's Sanctuary) + (Attacker's Agility - Defender's Agility) * 0.25 + (Attacker's Luck - Defender's Luck) * 0.125

What I've done with this mod is boosted the Attack of all races by 1000, leaving no chance for a miss. Note that the way I've made it, it applies to all races (Argonian, Breton, etc), but doesn't apply to creatures as of yet. If anyone knows of a way to just set 'Chance to hit' to 100, let me know and I'll quickly change it.
Again, this mod only applies to the playable races in Vanilla Morrowind, so if you have extra races playable, this won't affect them.

Known Conflicts: not likely to interfere with any other mods that I can think of, let me know if there are any conflicts and I'll add them.

To install: simply extract the ESP into your "Data Files" directory, and select in Data Files. Just like any other mod.