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Improves MGE 3.8 water shader to be more realistic.

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-- Improved Water Shader v0.6 for MGE 3.8 by phal --

Improves MGE 3.8 water shader to be more realistic. Shader has been redone nearly from scratch aiming at a more realistic water feeling.

Versions 0.1 and 0.2/0.2a will not work as intended with MGE 3.8-SVN rev103 or newer. You need to download the newer versions when using the newest MGE builds.

Versions below 0.6 will *NOT* work with SVN-rev118. Version 0.6 requires SVN-rev118 or newer.

Version 0.6b requires MGE 3.8.1 SVN-rev120 or newer.

Requires shader model 3 graphics card. Version 0.6 and newer (without real waves) might work with SM2 cards.
Morrowind Graphics Extender 3.8 is required.

For installation instructions, please refer to the readme.txt file included in every zip file.

Change log:

- Several tweaks&optimizations
- Compatible with MGE dynamic water ripples (since MGE 3.8.1)

- Reworked underwater surface shader
- Increased water turbidity
- Implemented a more accurate approximation for the Fresnel term
- Slightly increased water opacity
- Includes an underwater effects postprocessing shader

- Reworked everything
- New water textures
- New depth effects
- Added caustic lighting
- Added new fog calculation method (optional)

- compatibility with MGE 3.8-SVN rev114
- added support for water heights not equal to zero
- fixed fading out of reflections at night

- water sky color tweaked once again
- reworked calculations for combining reflection and refraction maps to use more realistic formulas
- added optional new water normal map texture
- refraction strength is now water depth dependent

- tweaked shader calculations for better performance
- water color is now independent from MGE's calculated sky color
- added optional distant blur for far away reflections

- tweaked water colors
- added improved shaders for underwater and for interior/pseudo-exterior cells

- fixed possible crash upon distant land loading

- added more distortion when near water plane
- fog color of reflected landscape improved

- first release