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This texture pack has been produced from the work of the community of Morrowind.

This compolation was done in order to offer a coherent picture of the visual (note from the fineness of the sentence with the word optics).

Then it is clear that the tastes and colors ...

Translated readme:

Textures Pack for Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon

Thank you for their textures Khalazza productions (Zuldazug, Raptre, Lord Gabryael and Ayse), Qarl, Carnajo, Albedo, and Arttt Minion. It is they who have made the job;)

compiled by Duncan Imrryran

To install the textures you just have to put in the "Data Files \ textures of Morrowind.
To uninstall just delete the textures of this directory.

There is no esp no problem with the backups, the world will change once you have installed the files.

Thanks to Kafou, adviser and tester.

For any comments contact me at [email protected]

NB. This is the readme from the mod translated with google translate from france.
The screenshots is taken from this site: (Mixed Textures)

Released: wiwiland Thursday, 15 July 2004