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Retextures the Lord of the Hunt to look a little less chunky and a little more hairy.

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I was always unhappy with the original Hircine texture- for one, it was blurry, the way all the default Morrowind textures were, but it was also just ugly. When Darknut made his retexture, I was disappointed to see that it was higher res, but stuck to the original design. Finally, I decided to make my own. I used Darknut's texture as a base, and in my first attempt (which I'm not uploading here, you can find it on PES), I gave him the bear armor. It wasn't bad, but it also didn't fit that "wild man" look that Hircine is supposed to have. In my second attempt, I changed the colors around, but the problem persisted. Finally, I scrapped that and started fresh, again using Darknut's texture as a starting point. This is my latest version. I smoothed out the fur on his chest, while keeping it... well, furry, and I added some details that weren't there before. And then there's the mask. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I've never seen a skull that looked like that before. So, I got rid of it, and in its place is an actual photo of a deer skull, with some detail laid over it to make it fit more with the overall design.

Anything that edits Hircine's Guile form. There's no .esp or anything, it's just a straight texture replacer, so if you like mine better just let it overwrite.

Darknut- High-res Hircine texture
Bethesda- Making Morrowind/Bloodmoon