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This mod prevents members of some factions from joining others.

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Factions changed;

Great Houses;

House Hlaalu now blocks the Imperial Legion, Imperial Cult, and the Thieves Guild.

House Redoran now blocks the Imperial Legion and Imperial Cult.

House Telvanni now blocks the Imperial Legion, the Imperial Cult, the Mages Guild, and the Temple.


The Fighters Guild now blocks the Thieves Guild.

The Mages Guild now blocks The Great House Telvanni.

The Thieves Guild now blocks The Great House Hlaalu, The Imperial Legion, and the Fighters Guild.


The Imperial Legion now blocks all three Great Houses, the Temple, and the Thieves Guild.

The Imperial Cult now blocks all three Great Houses and the Temple.

Temple and Morang Tong;

The Temple now blocks Telvanni, the Imperial Cult, and the Imperial Legion.

The Morang Tong is not altered as of yet, as lore seems to suggest that they have members who have
infiltrated all other factions aside from the Camonna Tong and Dark Brotherhood. Because these Factions
are not joinable in Morrowind, I have excluded them.