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Smokeable Pipes!

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aha! My First Succesfull Morrowing/Oblivion Mod!

BE SURE TO INSTALL IN THE C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind\ DIRECTORY!!

This mod adds a smokeable pipe and pipeweed into Morrowind. As it stands, this is v1.0, with some updates on the way.

The technical crap.

Install the .zip file into your Morrowind folder, and make sure "use folder names" box is checked. Hey, if you cannot operate WinZip, seek help. If something goes awry, the .bmp files goes into the Textures folder, the .tga files into the Icons folder, and the .nif files into the Meshes folder. To activate the plugin, start up Morrowind, then go to Data Files, and activate the plugin.

Go to the Balmora Mage's guild, then downstairs and talk to Radagast about Smokeable Pipes. You can buy the pipe, and the neccesary pipeweed from him. Simply Equip the pipe and go out of combat mode, with some pipeweed in your inventory and your mind should clear, and weariness vanish.

You May Use This Mod In A File Of Youre Own If You Wish But Please Don't Forget To Mention Me (As The Creator Of This Mod) Within It And The Credit For This Part Be For Me :)