Dwemeri Dominion by Aeven
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Added: 15/02/2009 - 03:26PM
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Last updated at 15:27, 15 Feb 2009 Uploaded at 15:26, 15 Feb 2009

This mod alters the Dwemer meshes introduced by the Tribunal expansion pack to use the same textures as Morrowind base game. This is recommended if you use a texture replacer, and dislike the inconsistent visuals you receive as a result.

In the great ruins of Kemel-Ze (Tamriel Rebuilt Map 2: Antediluvian Secrets, see the result when combined with a hi-res texture replacer is beautiful.

Recommended texture replacers include Connary's Dwemer lost (, Darknut's Dwemer Ruin textures (, Westly's Dwemer Texture Replacer (