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Links a bunch of unused meshes, included with the regular game, to an .esp in the CS. The meshes included with this have been retextured. So check out all the great new meshes!

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Hello everyone,

This is my surprise release of the month! I have compiled a bunch of the useful unused meshes done by Bethesda. Most of these have great possible applications! I expect to be seeing these in some mods soon. No, just do whatever you like with these. We all have easy access to these. But I find it useful to have them all in one spot. No need to credit me for these, I didn't make them. If you want to credit me, just say I compiled them or something...

Nothing is added in game, the .esp simply references the Morrowind Data Files to add the meshes into the CS. Note that I have not included any items which also appear in the CS, these models are straight, and only from the disc itself. Without this mod you will not see these meshes in the Construction Set. This is a Modder's Resource of sorts (as really, all of you already had all of these at your disposal as soon as you installed the game...). All of these meshes use vanilla textures, but they are ripe for the retexturing! So have at'em!

The meshes I have included are retextured vanilla meshes. I retextured them because they referenced textures which no longer exist (they were test textures).

All of the new meshes start with md_ they are found in the Lights, Static, Weapons, Miscellaneous, Activators, and Door tab of the CS. But mostly in the Statics section.

Have fun with this!