AST beds texture replacer by Aisis
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Added: 15/01/2009 - 04:22PM
Updated: 17/11/2016 - 01:56PM

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Last updated at 13:56, 17 Nov 2016 Uploaded at 16:22, 15 Jan 2009

New bedsheets for those, who like the original color
settings, but would like better textures for the beds.
Since I couldn`t find any bedsheet texture replacer that I
would like without any exceptions, I did my own (once

This will replace all textures for bedsheets (not for the
bedroll). If you are using another mod that replaces these,
don`t forget to make a backup of those files before
installing the new ones. There is also a mesh replacer for
the chair using the blue bed texture.(And an extra texture
I didn`t use, but would like to share.) Single and double
beds of one kind share the same texture style.

Version 1.1

- updated the missing credits in the readme

Credits & Usage:

The purple bed texture is based on a texture from grVulture
and his Ultimate Textures - Taps and Rugs v3.0

The fancy blue bedsheet pillow and all under pillow parts
are based on textures from the Shadows and Light Texture
Replacer Pack 1 from HeadlessWonder, which includes the
work from the following: Khalazaa, Qarl, Zuldazug, Raptre,
Lord Gabryael and Ayse (since I don`t know who personally
did which textures I decided to put all the names into the

You may use this any way you see fit without asking for
permission as long as you give me and all the other
creators PROPER CREDIT and WON`T re-release it without any
changes and claim it to be your work!
Please, don`t put it on any other modding site either.

You can contact me on PES forums as Astraia or on Nexus and
Official Bethesda Forums as Aisis.