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A new st of armor based off of the Silt Strider Husks you see laying around in Morrowind.

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This mod adds a new set of lore-friendly armor to the game of Morrowind. The armor is based off of the silt strider husks you see laying around the Ashlands, therefore the name Silt Strider Armor

This is not just a simple retexture either. I have combined meshes together to make a set which looks unlike anything else. The textures are all edited Bethesda textures, so they are not completely my work, I just made them to fit the new meshes. The armor is worth and offers about the same protection as bonemold, but it is light armor instead of medium. So now there is a full suit of a fairly decent light armor. But it may not suit all those thiefs out there just because of the bulkiness of the armor.

Here is a total list of additions and changes made by this mod.
a) A full suit of armor including a helm, cuirass, pauldrons, bracers, shield, greaves and boots.
b) New guards are added to the four major Ashlander Camps on Vvardenfell each wearing a cuirass bearing the banner of their tribe.
c) A new weapon to compliment the armor. There is also an enchanted version of the weapon which has a 50% chance of showing up on the guards.
d) A unique shield has been added as well. The shield can only be attained as soon as you have access to the Cavern of the Incarnate which will happen through the Main Quest.

2. Requirements



Extract the esp file to c:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind\Data Files

If you would like to have eyehole textures applied to the helm, then after you install the mod place the meshes in the "Extras" folder into the meshes folder and say yes to overwrite the alternate meshes (the ones without the eyeholes)

From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the 'Silt Strider Armor - Ashlander Guards.esp'

To get some of the armor you have three options.

1) I have added two gaurds to each of the main Ashlander Camps on Vvardenfell. Each tribe has its own unique banner painted onto their guard cuirass for a total of 4 unique cuirasses on top of the unpainted cuirass you will have to find on your own (see choice #2 below). The guards also carry a new weapon made by me, the 'Silt Strider Claw' which can come in either a poisoned or unpoisoned type. You can kill these guards to get full sets of the armor if you like... or read choice #2 for a less bloody resolution.*

2)Your second option is to play "I Spy". I have hidden a full suit of Silt Strider Armor and a Silt Strider Claw weapon spread across all four main Ashlander Camps. There are two items in two of the camps and three items in the other two of the camps (the ones containing the shield and weapon have three items total). None of the pieces are in interior cells. So look around outside for all the pieces............. there is a spoiler at the bottom of this document for all you cheaters out there :)

3)The third option does not invlove obtaining the full set. I have made a unique shield based off of the regular shield which you can obtain as soon as you have Access to the Cavern of the Incarnate which is part of the main quest.

*note: The special cuirass worn by the Ashlander Guards all have slightly altered attributes from the standard cuirass making them a little more desirable.

Ahemmusa Cuirass: The Ahemmusa are known for their hardiness and endurance of hardships starting with the loss of their beloved Ashkhan. Their cuirass possesses a higher health rating.
Erabenimsun Cuirass: The Erabenimsun are battle-hardened warriors known for their ferocity in combat and their resilience to pain. Their cuirass possesses a higher armor rating.
Urshialku Cuirass: The Urshilaku are keepers of the ancient teachings and greatly respect their ancesters and the old ways. Their cuirass possesses a larger enchantment capacity.
Zainab Cuirass: The Zainab are swift hunters, moving quickly across the Grazelands they call home. Their cuirass possesses a lower weight value to encumber the wearer less.


Shouldn't affect your save games.


No known conflicts


Myself for creating the mod
Bethesda for creating the game


If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, please feel free to write me. I will not accept any harrassment. Consider this your first warning.


Please do not upload this to any sites other than PES. But feel free to expand this mod or use it in your own mod. Just please give me credit where credit is due.