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TamaraVico's Wood of Stone

You know the road between Balmora and Caldera. I don't use the Guild Guide, cause I am a roleplayer and my characters don't use or trust magicks.
Well, back to the mentioned road. It's like the most boring road of them all. I find myself running or jumping, doing everything just to FINALLY BE THERE. At the Caldera end I avoid a pack of Kagouti and that's it.
I don't like this.

So I've made for myself this little landscape mod, which makes the road more interesting to walk like a decent person, not like I have fire up my ass.

Wood of Stone is a good name for it, I think, as my idea was to practically grow a forest of rocks of different shapes and sizes with ocassional tree, shrub and some chokeweed and kreshweed, which are known to grow in the West Gash.

This mod really doesn't add anything more than that, it's putelly cosmetic.
I haven't got issues with FPS or anything, and I am using Better Caldera, Connary's West Gash replacer, and MGE distand land.

Install by simply putting the folder's content into yout Morrowind/Data Files/ folder and checking it in the manager before playing. If you feel that this conflicts with something, just load the other mod after this one. It shouldn't conflict with anything I'm aware of, though.

Please do not temper with this mod without my permission, nor upload it somewhere else. If you want to include it in your own release, you have to have my permission also. It's common policy.

Enjoy your walk :)