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This is a modification of Srikandi\'s Alchemy - Bloodmoon version. This mod requires Sri\'s Alchemy Bloodmoon Edition to be installed to function.

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This is a modification of Srikandi's Alchemy - Bloodmoon version. This mod installs over the original .esp file from Sri's Alchemy BM, original meshes/textures are NOT included.

Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon
Sri's Alchemy Bloodmoon Edition
Wrye Mash or Testool + levelled list resequencer

* Corrects a dialog spelling error.
* Ash Yams now provide the effects listed in the spreadsheet.
* Wickwheat effects reverted to vanilla ("Restore Health" as first effect, instead of "Recall")
* All weights have been modified to a more consistent system. Flowers from Mournhold no longer weigh a pound each, etc.
* Cleaned out two container references that are likely to conflict with herbalism mods depending on load order.
* Cleaned out scripts that update the vanilla levelled lists - included Wrye's levelled list patch for correct functionality with levelled list mergers.

This is not an official version of Srikandi's Alchemy - on the off chance that this breaks your game somehow, eats your cat, or makes all of your left socks vanish, blame me and not Srikandi or Wrye.

"fixed" version - original archive format was "rar" but named ".zip". Oops. Archive is now in zip format to avoid confusion.