Hilgya the Seamstress by Plangkye
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Hilgya the Seamstress
Clothing for Better Bodies
by Plangkye

This mod adds a clothings tore selling many new articles of clothing, including some male and unisex things. The clothing is intended for Better Bodies 2.0 and will not display correctly without it. The store is in Dagon Fel. Buy female clothing from Hilgya, male clothes from Talith, and unisex clothes from either of them.


Mod Includes:
-Many dresses and robes using NioLiv's meshes
-Two different pairs of boots, one of which is unisex
-Two pairs of pants for male characters
-Three playable faces and two playable hairstyles


Known Issues

-Some of the clothing has clipping errors when put on female Khajiit, even with Better Bodies for Beasts. Female argonians have major clipping errors with the female and unisex clothes because they do not have breasts.
-The clothing can be enchanted, but this may cause it to look strange unless you have NoGlow.
-For some unknown reason, the store mannequins have a habit of rotating in place. I have been unable to fix this.


Unzip the folder to Morrowind/Data Files. All .tga files go in icons/Plangkye, all .nif files go in either meshes/PL or meshes/Cali, and all .dds files go in textures/PL, textures/Cali, or textures/ElricM.


I don't mind if you use these clothes in your own mod, but please give credit where credit is due. This means to me for the textures, and to NioLiv or the Better Clothes Team for the meshes.


Thanks to:
Ren for Talith's face, which I modified.
Better Clothes Team, Robearberbil, and NioLiv for clothing meshes.
Gorg for Hilgya's hair.
Slof, Aleanne, and CanadianIce for inspiration.
Calisahn for the Better Bodies mannequins.


I can be reached at [email protected] or on the official Elder Scrolls forums under the name of Plangkye.