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This has been on PES for a year now, I figured it was about time to put it up on TES Nexus. Expanded Birthsigns for Purists rebalances and expands the original birthsigns while retaining lore-purity, based on the in-game text \'The Firmament\', and the birthsigns available in Oblivion, doubling the number of birthsigns from thirteen to twenty-s

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Expanded Birthsigns for Purists rebalances and expands the original birthsigns while retaining lore-purity, based on the in-game text 'The Firmament', and the birthsigns available in Oblivion, doubling the number of birthsigns from thirteen to twenty-six. See 'The Firmament' here, along with the statistical specifics of the 'stock' Morrowind birthsigns at UESPwiki:

- All rebalancing takes into consideration the long-term value of abilities, and that in fact no birthsign-granted powers or spells are indispensable in the long run, while attribute bonuses and maximum magicka fortifications are largely more useful. As a side effect of this conclusion, every available birthsign now offers either an attribute bonus or a maximum magicka fortification, in addition to any powers or spells that may have initially been present. Existing attribute bonuses have been significantly lowered from 'stock' Morrowind values and follow these rules of thumb:
*No single attribute will receive more than 20 bonus points from a birthsign
*No birthsign will grant more than 30 points of attribute bonuses.
*Any Powers or Spells granted by a birthsign have had their value considered and deducted from the 30 maximum points of attribute bonus a birthsign may grant.

- A second version of each birthsign is added, with an opposite 'moon aspect'. i.e., if the original birthsign said 'Constellation of the Thief with a prime aspect of Secunda', the second version has a prime aspect of Masser. The only exception is The Atronach, which still has only one version.

- If the Oblivion version of the birthsign is significantly different from the Morrowind version, the secondary version is based on the Oblivion version of the birthsign (although these are also rebalanced). If the Morrowind and Oblivion versions of a birthsign are approximately the same, an original, lore-correct alternate birthsign has been added.

- The Serpent gets a total of three versions, because it works differently than the other birthsigns. According to The Firmament:
"The Serpent wanders about in the sky and has no Season, though its motions are predictable to a degree. No characteristics are common to all who are born under the sign of the Serpent. Those born under this sign are the most blessed and the most cursed."
The new additions are based on what constellations the Serpent is near. Twelve versions of the Serpent would be too many, so, since the constellations are loosely divided into three types under the Guardian constellations (again, see 'The Firmament'), I made one version each 'in alignment' with The Warrior, The Mage, and The Thief.

- Use this page of the readme to check the abilities, spells, and powers of each birthsign. Not all the effects of a given birthsign may be visible in the character creation birthsign selection window, due to space limitations of the window.


---Masser- Oblivion Thief sign.
The Thief: Fortify +10 each Agility, Speed, Luck.
---Secunda- Rebalanced Morrowind sign-
Akaviri Danger-sense: +15 Agility, 10 Sanctuary.

---Masser- Rebalanced Morrowind sign:
Warwyrd: +15 Strength, +10 attack.
---Secunda- Oblivion Warrior sign:
The Warrior: +10 each Strength and Endurance.

---Masser- Morrowind/Oblivion sign.
Fay: Fortify Magicka +5 (50%)
---Secunda- Original concept birthsign-
The Mage: +10 each Intelligence and Willpower.
*Power* Manawell: Restore Magicka 4 to 16 for 5 seconds (20 - 80) (once a day).

---Masser- Rebalanced Morrowind/Oblivion sign.
Elfborn: Fortify Magicka 15 (150%), Weakness to Magicka 50%, Weakness to Fire, Frost, Shock, 15%.
---Secunda- Rebalanced Morrowind/Oblivion sign.
Mageborn: Fortify Magicka 10 (100%), Weakness to Magicka 25%.

---Masser- Rebalanced Morrowind sign.
Lady's Favor and Lady's Grace: +10 Personality and Endurance.
---Secunda- Oblivion sign.
Lady's Heart and Lady's Grace: +10 each Willpower and Endurance.

---Masser- Rebalanced Morrowind/Oblivion sign-
Trollkin: 25% weakness to fire, +10 Endurance.
Blood of the North: Restore Health 2 per second for 30 seconds (60)- cost 10 magicka, always succeeds.
---Secunda- Original concept birthsign-
The Lordly Graces: +10 each Strength, Willpower, Personality.

---Masser- Rebalanced Oblivion birthsign (altered in part because an Oblivion spell effect doesn't exist in Morrowind)-
Unmovable Will: +10 Willpower.
*Power* Tower Key: Open on touch, 70 - 120 (once a day).
*Power* Tower Warden: Resist Normal Weapons and Reflect, 25 points each for 120 seconds (once a day).
---Secunda- Rebalanced Morrowind birthsign-
Unbreachable Wall: +10 Endurance.
*Spell* Beggar's Nose: 200 each detect animal, key, enchantment for 60 seconds, cost of 5 magicka, always succeeds.
*Power* Tower Key: Open on touch, 70 - 120 (once a day).

---Masser- Original concept birthsign-
Shadowbender: Fortify personality +10 pts., fortify illusion SKILL +10 pts.
*Spell* Shadowmeld: 30 pts Chameleon on self for 30 seconds, costs 15 magicka, always succeeds.
---Secunda- Rebalanced Morrowind/Oblivion birthsign-
Silent Step: Fortify Agility 10 pts, Fortify sneak SKILL 10 pts.
*Power* Moonshadow: Invisibility on Self, 60 seconds (once a day).

---Masser- Rebalanced Morrowind/Oblivion birthsign-
Divine Might: +10 Strength.
*Power* Mara's Gift: Restore Health on self, 200 for 1 second (once a day).
*Spell* Blessed Word: Turn Undead on target, 100 for 30 seconds.
---Secunda- Original concept birthsign-
Firewalker: +10 Willpower, +15 Personality, 25% Resistance to Fire.

---Masser- Original concept birthsign-
Dancer's Grace: +10 Agility.
Mooncalf's Gaze: +15 Personality.
---Secunda- Rebalanced Morrowind/Oblivion birthsign-
Dancer's Grace: +10 Agility.
*Power* Lover's Kiss: Paralyze target 10 seconds, Damage Fatigue 120 for 1 second on self (once a day).
*Note: I used the Oblivion version of the Lover's Kiss power over the Morrowind version, which was overpowered.

---Masser- Rebalanced Morrowind/Oblivion birthsign-
Charioteer: +20 Speed.
---Secunda- Original concept birthsign-
Horseman: +10 each Endurance and Speed.

---Masser- Morrowind Atronach.
Wombburn: Stunted Magicka, 50% spell absorption, Fortify Max Magicka 20 (200%)

---Thief alignment- rebalanced Morrowind/Oblivion birthsign-
Luck of the Low: +20 Luck
*Power* Star-Curse: Poison 3 pts on touch for 30 seconds, Damage health on Self, 1 pt. per second for 30 seconds (once a day).
---Mage alignment- new concept birthsign-
Cold Blood: Fortify Max. Magicka 5 (50%), Weakness to Frost 50%.
*Power* Soulmolt: 50 points Reflect and Shield on self for 30 seconds, cure poison and dispel 100% on self (once a day).
---Warrior alignment- Original concept birthsign-
Serpentine Aspect +10 Strength and Agility.
*Power* Constrictor: Absorb each 20 points for 30 seconds Agility and Speed, +200 Burden, on touch for 30 seconds (once a day).

No Screenshots, all birthsign art is stock, and all information is here.