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Redaynia Village is a small fishing town just below it's namesake, Ald Redaynia. Transport is available from Khuul and Dagon Fel.

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Redaynia Village is a small fishing town just below it's namesake, Ald Redaynia. Transport is available from Khuul and Dagon Fel.

Redaynia Village was built with several goals in mind: 1. Convenience -Easy travel to an otherwise hard to get to area that has quite a few dungeons in it, traders that supply an easy place to barter loot, and a storage base for the player while in the region. 2. Fun - Unique dialogue creates entertainment for the player while visiting, and hints at extra stuff to do. 3. A new dungeon - A new medium sized dungeon to give the player something more to do while staying at Redaynia. 4. Provide easy directions to places of interest to the new player - Some of the NPCs give directions to a few of the nearby regular Morrowind dungeons, hopefully preventing the player from frustration after just spending several hours exploring a region and finding only a few things. And 5. Provide a stopping point for player-controlled boats - A large amount of dock space has been left open for big ships to dock, and two ladders provide easy drop-off points for smaller vessels such as rowboats and skiffs.

The end result is a fishing village made up of nine shacks (6 NPC homes, 1 abandoned shack for the player, 1 Inn, and 1 shop), a smuggler cave just west of the village (good for lvls 10+), and several unique items and dialogue topics.

*Cleaned of GMSTs using Morrowind Enchanted Editor*

NOTICE: There's another town mod already in this location, Ald Redaynia Extended by Princess Stomper. I'm very sorry, I had no idea there was another town mod here. However, if you seek to play both this mod and Ald Redaynia Extended, I've made a new version that makes them compatible. But if you're seeking only one town mod in this area, I highly recommend you download Ald Redaynia Extended instead.

You can find Ald Redaynia Extended for download here:

Update: Uploaded new enhanced compatibility version with Ald Redaynia Extended. This mod is now 100% compatible with that mod. Also fixed a few minor bugs, and to top it all off, I've also uploaded a new version of the mod that's compatible with older versions of Morrowind (1.2 and below) that fixes the common water-reset bug in interior cells.

Update 7/04/14: Version 1.13 has been released which fixes both the Regular and Compatibility versions of a water bug that caused the dungeon "Redri" to appear flooded. Please note that if you've played this mod before, this dungeon was NOT supposed to be flooded, and apparently became flooded with the last released version. I apologize that its taken so long to fix this issue. Special thanks go to TaxAkla for reporting the problem.