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Last updated at 7:57, 13 Feb 2008 Uploaded at 8:04, 11 Feb 2008

This mod allows the player to purchase and use the slave from any of the slave dealer in the orginal morrowind.
The places that you can buy slaves from are, Tel Aruhn, Sadrith Mora and Suran. Each dealer sells a number of
slaves of different races.

Tel Aruhn
Dealer: Savile Imayn
S'Bakha - Khajiit male
Manilian Scerius - Imperial male
Menelras - Bosmer male
Ciralinde - Altmer female
Jadier Mannick - Breton male
Davina - Redguard female.

Sadrith Mora
Dealer: Brallion
Ereel-Lei - Argonian female
Qa'Dar - Khajiit male
Milos - Argonian male.

Dealer: Dranas Sarathram
Jeelus-Tei - Argonian Male
Tim-Jush - Argonian Male
Seewul - Argonian Male
Yakov - High Elf Male

The slaves have companion share, follow and wait commands, and the "go free" that all the slaves have. They
use both an edited version of DinkumThinkum's PotionSaver code and an edited version of Grumpy's (Rest in Peace)
auto-leveling script and companion catch-up code, as you get stronger, so does your slaves. If a slave dies they can be purchased from the
dealer again, for the same price.

There is only one bug with this mod, if you can call it a bug. When a slave dies you to take the items off the
corpse as when the respawns and comes back up for sale, his/her inventory is reset.

- This mod is compatiable with most of the companion teleport mods out there, and I suggest one along with this
- You can essentailly create your own private army with this mod, however you may experiance some lag if you
if you have too many of them following at once.
- This was the mod that got me started modding, but when Oblivion came out it was pushed into the background,
when I recently started playing morrowind again I decided to finish it.

1. Copy the .esp file to \Morrowind\Data\ folder.
2. Start the Morrowind Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file.

1. Start Morrowing Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file.
2. Delete the .esp file from \Morrowind\Data\ folder

You can send me (Da Mage) a PM on the Official Elder Scrolls Forums.

I have a few people that really helped me, while the first two didn't help me directly, the last one did.
- DinkumThinkum - For the PotionSaver code
- Grumpy (Rest in Peace) - For the auto-leveling script
and lastly
- Arcimaestro Anteres, for helping me finish it for release.