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As the name of this mod suggests, the NPCs of Vvardenfell, Solstheim and Mournhold have been given the 'makeover' treatment. It is dependent on THE Facepack Compilation,[this master file is located at this site], representing the collective work of over fifty modders. THE Morrowind NPC Makeover gives all of the game's standard NPCs new faces and hair. I have "hand-placed" every single NPC and have attempted to make their appearance fit in with their "station in life". I have done my best to make each NPC unique in appearance, but with over 3,000 NPCs in the game there may be a few "doubles" out there. I have also done my best to ensure that this mod is as "clean" as possible.

I have made a few minor gameplay changes that affect some of the NPCs. None of these changes affect any of the game settings. Finally, a few selected mods have been merged into this one so that their changes to the NPCs would not overwrite or be overwritten by the changes this mod makes.

*** THE Team ***

A complete listing of the "facial" modders whose collective work has been used in this mod is listed in the readme for THE Facepack Compilation (required for this mod), and in the readmes for its four companion facepacks. In addition, the following modders’ work has been incorporated into this mod:

Aerelorn's Less Annoying Guards
Enmesharra's Light the Way
Khan Raider's Imperial helms
Puma Man's Gnisis Guard Fix
SotiCoti's Better Dreamers
Tarnsman's Elders 0 count add-on
TheLys' Imperial Guards Anticlone

A separate version merged with these and Helios and Wrye's Living Cities of Vvanderfell has been created for user of that mod. The resources for that mod are located here.

*** THE Requirements ***

This compilation requires Morrowind patched to v1.6.1820 and both of the expansions: Tribunal and Bloodmoon. It also requires THE Facepack Compilation.esm and the resources of the four THE Facepacks that are part of the compilation.

*** THE Installation & Usage ***

If you are using any of the mod listed above, those should be deactivated.

To install extract the archive file into the Data Files folder of your Morrowind directory. Use the esm file rather than the esp file if you are using other mods that make modifications to the NPCs and do not wish to have this mod overwrite their changes. Because this mod affects nearly every single NPC in the game, it WILL conflict with any mod that modifies the inventory, appearance, stats, AI, services, faction, class, and/or location of any of the game’s stock NPCs. This is the reason for the recommended usage of the esm file rather than the esp file. Remember, esm files load first, esp files second. Last mod loaded "wins". By using the esm file you will ensure that the desired changes your other mods make will be kept, and not overwritten. If you want to ensure that the changes made by this mod are not overwritten then use the esp file and adjust its load order as needed. The esp file can also be used for those wishing to customize this mod for themselves in the Construction Set.

The LCV version of this mod is for users of Helios and Wrye's Living Cities of Vvanderfell. It requires that the resources from that mod have been downloaded and placed in your Data Files folder. It is recommended to start a new game with this version. Wrye's Mash is recommended for those wishing to load this mod into their saved games. That utility is located here. Because of the nature and scale of the changes that LCV makes, the LCV version of this mod comes only as an esp file. THE Morrowind NPC Makeover-LCV esp file is to be used instead of either the esm or esp files of the "straight" version of this mod, AND instead of the LCV esp file. Please refer to the Living Cities of Vvardenfell readme for more information.

For users of Puma Man's Advanced Guards I have provided an updated Guards esp file to be used. I have only added the special shirts to the Imperial Guards as detailed in the change section of this readme. All of Puma Man's modifications and scripting have been left untouched.

*** THE Files ***

For this mod there are:

1 esm files
3 esp files
16 game files
3 jpeg files (these may be deleted after viewing)

All of the needed facial / hair mesh and texture files are located in four bsa files:

THE Argonian & Khajiit Facepack.bsa
THE BrImRg Facepack.bsa
THE Elven Facepack.bsa
THE Nord & Orc Facepack.bsa

These must be downloaded separately and extracted into your Data Files folder. You must have registered the bsa files in your Morrowind.ini file in order for the game to locate the files. Included with each of the Facepacks is a BSA register utility that will register this and other bsa files into your Morrowind.ini file. This utility must be located in the Data Files folder in order to work.

It is also important to note that the game will use meshes and textures files outside of the bsa files first before using the files containing inside them. You can use this to modified or overwrite the files located in the bsa files.

*** THE Changes ***

> Changes all of the stock face and hair meshes for the game’s standard NPCs. I have "hand-placed" every single NPC so that their hair fits with their face, and have attempt to make their appearance fit in with their "station in life".
> Fixes the Barbarian class. Removes unarmored as a minor skill (causing the Barbarian NPCs not to equip their armor despite being in their inventory) and replaces it with Hand to Hand. Also, Light Armor and Medium Armor have been flipped, Light Armor now being a Major Skill and Medium Armor a minor one. Most of the Barbarians are equipped with light armor so this fixes one of Bethesda's "glitches".
> Gives the Beserkers additional armor. Males get greaves; females greaves and curaiss. This has been done because of the prevalent usage of Better Bodies and eliminates the naked Beserkers running around in the game.
> Gives shoes or boots to a few of the barefooted NPCs. Additional clothing and armor has been given to a few of the NPCs as well.
> I have given the guards in the beginning of the game names rather than the generic "Guard".
> Dreamers have a distinct appearance in the game (apart from running around half naked) and are infected with Corprus disease. (from SotiCoti’s Better Dreamers).
> Caravaners, Shipmasters and Gondaliers have been given lights so they don't stay waiting for customers in the dark (from Enmesharra's Light the Way). The Caravaners get torches. The Shipmasters and Gondaliers get lanterns.
> Most of the guards in the game have been given Aerelorn's scripting that prevents them from initiating dialogue while you're in the middle of combat. If your weapon is drawn or a spell is readied, the guards will simply attack. If you want to pay the fine, go to jail, or present writs just sheath your weapon or unready your spell and the guards will initiate dialogue and give you that option. You can do this before or after they attack you.
Note: This can be tough on lower level characters. If you don't notice the guards coming towards you and you have your weapon out, they may kill you with just a few strikes. Be warned, and be aware of your surroundings when committing crimes.

Note2: Users of the provided esp file for Puma Man's Advanced Guards will lose this behavior as this scripts will be overwritten by that mod.

> Imperial Guards have been given special shirts with random faces attached (from TheLys' Imperial Guards Anticlone). The result is varied faces for the Imperial Guards rather than the same one over and over. If you decide to kill a guard and you remove the shirt from his inventory, the default face will reappear. You can't wear the shirt and its value is 0. I have expanded on the number of random faces from the original seven of TheLys' mod to twenty.
> Members of the Imperial Legion have been given weapons as befitting their skills and rank (from Puma Man's Gnisis Guard Fix and extended to include all Imperial Legion members):
> Imperial Legion Spearmen now are armed with spears instead of swords. The values of their spear skill have been flipped with the value of their highest default weapon skill.
> Imperial Legion Recruits and Troopers equipped with short swords have been reequipped with broadswords or war axes in keeping with the fact that their skills with these weapons are much, much higher than their short sword skill.
> Imperial Legion Captains have been given new helms (from Raider Khan’s Imperial Helms).
> Imperial Legion Champions (Warrior class) have been reequipped with broadswords instead of the short bows they were given (with no arrows and they have shields!)
> Imperial Legion Champions (Battlemage class) are now all equipped with axes in keeping with the fact that their axe skill is their highest weapon’s skill.

Note: Some of these changes will be overwritten for users Puma Man’s Advanced Guards.

> Several members of the Imperial Legion have had their level (and thus their stats) increased as befitting their rank in the Legion (several of the Legion Knights have ridiculously low character levels). Several legion members having had their rank increased in keeping with their level. I have only done this to the Imperial Legion faction on the theory that as a military faction that ranks in it would be reflective of the skill and experience level of its members, rather than ranks given through favoritism and politics as would be the case in other factions.
> Several new NPCs have been added to the game who are mentioned in the latest rumors topic, but DO NOT exist. Now they do.
* Nolus Atrius - the corrupt Balmora Magistrate
* Malur Omayn - the imprisoned dissident priest and author
* Bilsa Andaram - source of rumors in Gnisis
* Narese Athrys - rumor monger in Suran
* Madayna Sarendas - rumor monger Dagon Fel
* Baram - who woke up in the Temple in Vivec with no knowledge of how he got there.
* Alma Rula - in Mournhold
* Naryn - a guard at Fort Moonmoth who likes to wander around in his nightshirt.
* Old Avus - a rumour monger in Balmora.
All are non-hostile. These new NPC have been given no new dialog (they still will have the generic dialogue/rumors). I leave that for future mods, or for other modders to do. I have given Naryn his nightshirt (really a robe) to wander around in.
* Adds 31 of the NPCs that were not originally placed in the game despite being created by Bethesda. (from my 0 Count NPC Add-on for the Elders of Vvardenfall mod). These NPCs are scattered across the map. Some are hostile. In this group there are:
* 2 new merchants with wares added to the Great Bazaar in Mournhold.
* 3 new shipmasters (2 in Solstheim) that offer travel services.
* 2 powerful witches in Solstheim with atronach guardians
* 1 very powerful warlock in Solstheim (Grandfather Frost)
* The secret master trainer for medium armor
* Enchanters, pawnbrokers, traders, and smiths wearing no armor have had their armor skills reduced to zero, preventing them from wearing the armor you sell them. Merchants (primarily smiths) wearing armor have been given special hair “armor” (wigs) which will prevent them from equipping the helms you sell them. Merchants wearing armor will, however, continue to equip other pieces of armor of the type they are wearing that you sell them. If you decide to kill a smith and you remove the helm from his/her inventory, the default hair will reappear. You can't wear the helm and its value is 0.
> Adds the thirteen vampires that were not originally placed in the game despite being created by Bethesda.
> Most of the vampires in the game have been given the ‘TheLys treatment’ by giving them special helms (masks) with random vampire faces and hair attached. The result is varied faces for the vampires rather than the same ones over and over. If you kill a vampire and remove the helm from his/her inventory, the default face and hair will reappear. You can't wear the helm and its value is 0.

*** THE Acknowledgements ***

This mod was put together using several modding utilities whose creators I wish to thank and acknowledge:

> Argent - BSA Browser & TES Dependency Tool Kit
> Erik Benerdal - TESAME
> Ghostwheel - TestTool
> MentalElf - TES Files

*** THE "Licensing/Legal" Stuff ***

This mod and its resources, as is the case with all my mods, are free for any use. It should be remember, however, that the base of this mod is the compilation of the work of scores of modders and proper acknowledgment should be given for any and all of the resources that are used from it.