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Tribunal is requiredStory: EMMACompanionscripting: THE OTHER FELIXDo you want some romance in your Morrowind life? Can you stand the thought of a Morrowind girlfriend who sometimes acts and talks like a real life girl? A girl who will get mad at you if you try to bribe her, but will enjoy a pleasant gift or sharing a bottle of Mazte at a nice tavern? A companion who also has her own problems - and an important mission to take care of?If the answer is yes, this mod might be what you are looking for. It adds a story-line and 17 quests, some of them very simple "lover's quests", some of them very rewarding, while others might be dangerous and time consuming. As time passes, you will be able to develope your relationship with Laura, for better or for worse. If you keep on playing as usual, the quests will probably not interfere very much with your ordinary gameplay. Laura will basically respond like other companions, but now and then, when you least expect it, she will bring up new subjects and new missions. This will only happen at certain places and during certain conditions, so there might be hours of gameplaying between each quest.Like in the (very) old Girlfriend Breton plugin, Laura Craft will still be your old time girlfriend, and you will find her outside her little cottage, just to the left of the bridge to Vivec Foreign Quarters. However, she will have a very much extended background story to tell you, and, unless your personality is very high, she will be reluctant concerning her feelings towards you. You will probably need to do some dating or maybe fulfil some of her quests in order to convince her that you are "worthy" her devotion.What's new?Ver 2.2:added new animations by RX31. Laura can now "kiss", she can go to sleep, and she has adapted a new dancing style. ver 2.1:a) FOUR LOOKS - this mod includes four esp-files with four different heads and hair-styles for Laura. b) EXTENSIVE RECALL-FUNCTION. c) SEAMLESS ATTRIBUTE LEVELLING. Matching PC-level but stats for a warrior.d) FURTHER DEVELOPED SKILLS LEVELLING SYSTEM - NOW WITH LEVELLED SPELLS. Thanks to The other Felix, Laura is since ver 2.0 the first companion that will raise her skills in the same way as the player - BY PRACTICING HER SKILLS! Give her a longblade and a medium armor, and she will improve these skills each time she participates in combat. Give her a light armor and tell her to use her spells, and she will improve her spell casting and light armor skills. And so on. Her mysticism skills will improve each time she successfully cast an intervention spell.This feature was there already in ver 2.0. But, from ver 2.1, Laura will also level her restoration skill when healing herself, and as her restoration skill improves, she will be able to heal you and cure you from various diseases.e) AUTOMATIC LEVITATION/WATERWALKING AS AN OPTION. f) EXTENDED INTERACTION with npcs from other mods. Screenshots and (lots of) further information available here: MOD REPLACES EARLIER VERSIONS OF LAURA CRAFT ROMANCE AND THE OLD GIRLFRIEND BRETON MOD!!