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Cozy home based in the snowy forest of Morrowind\'s Solstheim region. (Find it just North of Thirsk)

Permissions and credits
PackRatPat's (a/k/a PRP) Solstheim Winter Home
Version 1.0

Original Creation Date: Sometime in 2003

Requirements: Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon

Location of Home: Obviously, in Solstheim. Can be found just a bit North of Thirsk.

About This Mod:
As shown above, I originally created this mod in 2003, after the Bloodmoon expansion pack was released. I made it for myself as a kind of home base in Solstheim. I never got around to posting it to Morrowind Summit or TES Planet, because it was a very complicated little house mod. There were so many objects used, textures etc., that I found it almost impossible to package. I was in total fear that I'd leave something out, but recently I've started playing Morrowind again after playing Oblivion for ages, and discovered an awesome little packing utility called TESFiles that exports all of the contents of a mod into a tidy little package. (This tool was created by MentalElf and is located here -

I just tested it (on 11/20/2007) on a fresh install of Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon and detected no bugs. I did get a message at the startup of the game that there was a mod that was calling on a different version of a master file, but I've seen this before with plenty of mods that I use and all one needs to do is click ok or yes and everything will load just fine. In this package you will find two .esp files - one for the main house and one for a "display" area that I created seperately for some reason. I made that display room so that I could set up Reznod's maniquines and I always preferred to lay out the weapons and other items that I collected on tables, so the room is chock full of tables. The house and display room both provide plenty of non-respawning, empty chests/containers of various types. The alchemy room has labeled ingredient jars. There is a nice looking kitchen/dining room, which is mostly just for looks, but someone may find it a nice place to hang out in from time to time.

Some may recall the incredible house mods, Abu's Retreat and Abu Manor. I am DEEPLY ASHAMED to say that I cannot recall the name of the creator of those mods after all these years, but I recall sharing emails with her, back in the day. She gave her blessing for me to make use of some of the items found in the kitchen dinning area and I may have used some of what she used in the Alchemy room, as well. She was my modding idol back in my Morrowind modding days, for sure. Huge thanks and credits go out to her.

Future Plans:
At the moment, there is no teleport ring to bring you back to this house, which I hope to find time to create eventually. For the time being, I recommend using mark and recall spells to get there. That's how I kept coming back to the house while I was playing through the Bloodmoon quests.

Same drill as always for most mods - extract everything found in the Data Files folder into the Programs/Bethesda Softworks/Morrowind/Data Files directory. Start the game and be sure to check BOTH the PRPs_Solstheim Winter Home.esp and PRPs_solstheim Winter Home - Display.esp in the Data Files screen.

The Creator of the beautiful Abu house mods (SO SORRY that I cannot remember the name!)
TextureFreak for many rugs that are used
Lord Yig for other rugs and items
... and I'm sure that there are bound to be other modders/artists that deserve credit, but since so much time has passed, I honestly do not know who else to mention now. If you see something that you created in this mod, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will add your name to this list immediately.

If you enjoy this mod, then you might want to visit my Elder Scrolls Gallery ---> where I am working towards loading all of my mods.