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Places a herder with pack zebras in the Zainab Camp. You can buya pack zebra from the herder.The pack zebra is controlled through dialogue topics. You can displaya status report that includes the zebra's health, restorative inventoryitems and type of follow mode. You can command the zebra to follow orfollow outdoors only. In follow mode, the zebra will follow you whereveryou go. In follow outdoors only mode, when you enter an interior cell,the zebra will wait at the door for your return. If the zebra is in eitherfollow mode and you levitate, the zebra will stay at its current position.If you water walk and the zebra is following, it too will water walk.Feeding the zebra 2 small kwama eggs or 1 large kwama egg will restoreits health. The eggs can be in either the player's or zebra's inventory.If the zebra is poisoned, it will eat rat meat from its inventory tocure itself.The Almsivi and Divine Intervention spells have been enhanced. They nowhave the power to teleport both the PC and a pack zebra.