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Lore Friendly Libations adds 81 new beverages to the game - 22 Beer, 9 Soft Drinks, 10 Spirits and 40 wines (includes 3 "House" wines). This modder's resource was created to assist in filling up the shelves, bars, etc. within the tavern/bar mods that have been created by other modders with some more colorful and lore-friendly beverages.

The way this plugin was designed is so that you do NOT need to include this plugin as part of your mod release AND YOU SHOULD NOT add this plugin directly into your mod by using the "Combine Loaded Plugins" option in the CS (which may inadvertently add in "dirty" cells to your mod due to a Bethesda "bug"). This plugin only has the Morrowind dependancy so will work in all your mods regardless of expansions your mod requires. Please read the included ReadMe on the "cleanest" way on how to incorporate these beverages into your mod.


Mod Alcoholic Spirits offered:

The alchemical effects and names of many of the spirits offered (9) were modeled from the book “Special Flora of Tamriel” by Hardin the Herbalist. See Imperial Library website

Floral Wines:

The mod offers 37 floral wines with alchemical properties taken from the book “The Flora of Morrowind – An Alchemists Resource” compiled by Nalion Leoriane, Tirdas, 15th of First Seed – see Imperial Library website

House Wines:

All three major Morrowind houses (Hlaalu, Redoran, Telvanni) have “house” wines that are introduced by this mod and they contain lore from the Imperial Library. Each of these house wines use colors for text on the labels that are their house colors according to the lore (Hlaalu-yellow, Redoran-red, Telvanni-brown). Additionally, their “motto” is in text just above the wine label picture and the images on the bottle (helmet, house master, guard) are specific to the house for that wine (i.e. the Archmaster of House Redoran is Lord Bolvyn Venim – his likeness is on the left lowermost portion of the bottle label for Redoran House Wine). Also, the alchemical effects of these wines are in keeping with effects attributed to the particular house (i.e. drinking Hlaalu House Wine affects your Mercantile and Speechcraft skills).

Many new bottle labels were created for Beer/Wine/Spirits/Soft Drinks to conform to the lore – many of these labels make reference to cities or provinces that were either obtained from the Imperial Library research OR came from research of the maps on the Tamriel Rebuilt website.


This mod should not conflict with any other mods because you NEVER launch the Lore Friendly Libations.esp from the Morrowind Launcher. You only use the .esp provided to easily add the beverages into your own mod.

Cleaned with TESAME

- Rougetet