Cozy House by Phaedra
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Added: 17/08/2007 - 05:24AM
Updated: 27/04/2015 - 03:25AM

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Last updated at 3:25, 27 Apr 2015 Uploaded at 5:24, 17 Aug 2007

This plugin adds a house to Pelegiad near the city's main entrance.
The house includes:
- A cozy living area with a finely set dining table, and a music/party area in front of the fireplace. Plenty of cupboards for storing dishes and such.
- A restful Master Bedroom with a king size bed. Closets, dressers, and jewelry boxes provided for storing clothing and jewelry.
- A Magic Study with Phaedra's own series of Potion Recipe books and Alchemy Ingredient books, home teleportation device (Black Pearl of Returning), multi-teleportation device (Blue Sapphire of Traveling), a few books on various subjects interesting to mages. Ample storage provided for magic items, scrolls, ingredients, potions, apparatus, books, etc.
- An Armory with forge and anvil. Ample storage provided for armor, weapons and repair tools.
- Storage closet with Trash receptacle. Ample storage for all miscellaneous items.

WARNING: The trash receptacle (located in Storage Closet) is used to delete items permanently from the game. Only place unwanted items in Trash!!! Do not place unique/quest items in the Trash!!!

V1.1 - Fixed spelling errors: Saphire of Traveling changed to Sapphire of Traveling.
V1.0 - Original Release. Tested by me and cleaned with TESAME and TESTool.