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This pack does a few things.Wzt_B_N_Argonian_M_N is a Neck for the Argonian heads included. It allows the head to blend in better with the body. You must assign this neck to b_n_argonian_m_neck in the TESCS.Just assign the .Nif that's in the Wzt folder and keep the "ID" the same. Note: ALL Argonians will then have this same neck. This is why I did it this way. If you wish to change it back, go to the "B" folder and re-assign the b_n_argonian_m_neck or reload/over-write with a clean Wzt-HP4 plug-in.Wzt_N_Argonian_M_Hd_01 & Wzt_N_Argonian_M_Hd_02 (Two male Argonians) Can be assigned as females if you so desire.Wzt_N_Argonian_M_H00 allows for the head to be "Bald", something I could not find out thereWzt_N_Nord_M_Head_06 and Wzt_N_Imperial_M_Head04 was a special "I want it now!" request to place someone in the game. Here you go...enjoy.Wzt_N_Nord_F_Head_08 was sitting around waiting to be done.Wzt_N_Bret_F_Head_01 was my first face from pack one and it was a mess. Redid it-so please over write it if you have it.Dereko_Hair_Br, Dereko_Hair_Rh was my second attempt to retex hair. Did not place them in game. If you like them, add them from the TESCS. Credit goes to Dereko for the .Nif's he made.