The Phurba Dagger by Redguard_Slayer
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Added: 12/06/2005 - 09:01PM
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The Phurba DaggerCreated by: Redguard_SlayerBackground***************************The Phurba is a ceremonial three edged dagger used for centuries by the monks of Tibet in Buddhist rituals. It is said to be embodied with the power of the great Tibetan spirits. The two faces adorning the handle represent the good and the evil that lurks in the hearts of men.Info***************************This mod adds the Phurba Dagger to Morrowind, can be found in Bal Ur.Adds new Mesh, Textures, IconAlso uses qarl's Light Ray resource.Installation****************************Meshes go in the MorrowindData FilesMeshes folderTextures go in the MorrowindData FilesTextures folderIcon goes in the MorrowindData FilesIcons folderPhurba.esp goes into your MorrowindData Files folderPermissions*****************************I consider all my work to be modders resources, feel free to use in your own mods, retexture, whatever, all I ask is for credit for the model if you release your work.Credit*****************************Thanks goes to qarl for his Light Ray resource.A special thanks goes to VagabondAngel, for his advice and guidance thru the process of making this weapon.Enjoy!-Slayer