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Everybody needs a holiday. Fortunately, Suran - the Jewel of the Ascadian - is ideal for the tired hero in search of a relaxing break.The features of this exquisite holiday location include:- A luxury hotel with three bedrooms (balcony views and canopy beds!) and two enormous suites. You may rent a room, suite, villa, or everything!- A hotel restaurant- A taverna with outdoor seating- An Olde-Worlde tea shop- A souvenir shop- An unusual villa with a pool and an incredible view of Bal Ur- A number of private NPC residences including one playing host to a boozy teen house party- Three new books - a brochure, a phrasebook and a recipe book- Am-Ru's Retreat - a delightful fishing cottage on a secluded island in the Ascadian Isles, accessible through "boat hire" at Am-Ru's Retreat- A beach-side taverna with outdoor seating- Am-Ru's courier quests - talk to Am-Ru about Services and then about a "courier" - you will enjoy these quests fully if you accept rather than decline when prompted. You will even have the opportunity to have an NPC run around after YOU for a change, with amusing results.- A "treasure hunt" in which to gather some fun - but not overpowering - treasure (levelled list weapons, armour, scrolls etc)Finally, there is an "Easter egg" feature - The Cool Room. The Cool Room is a fantasy house mod - a building constructed entirely from a glass and located on an idyllic desert island. It is tastefully and minimally decorated for the ultimate experience in relaxation. Your only problem is finding the way in...The second included .esp - Suran Extended Family.esp - should be used alone (not with any other Suran Extended.esp file) and is dependent upon MW_Children.esm. It is the same in every way as Suran Extended.esp except that it adds children to the mod.