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Dwemer Bow And Helmet by CethegusA Plugin for TES3 Morrowind***InformationThis plugin adds two Dwemer items to the game: An open Helmet and a longbow. I got the idea for the helmet after playing Jeremy's Divine Domina plugin, which included a very nice variation of the Dwemer Armor. But unfortunately the original helmet doesn't fit that good to the new design. Thus I quickly decided to make one myself. Here we go. And while I was at it, I made a bow too, using Zyndaar's work.The plugin has been checked with 'The Enchanted Editor' and should be clean concerning GMSTs and other dirty things.***ContentHere's a list of the new items, along with the paths to where they will be installed. (Use the paths as reference in case WinRar messed up the folderstructure.)DataFilesTexturesCET_A_DwemerHelm.ddsCET_W_DwemerBow.tgaDataFilesIconsACET_DwemerHelmet_ico.ddsWCET_DwemerBow_ico.tgaDataFilesMeshesACET_DwemerHelmet.NIFWCET_DwemerBow.NIFDataFilesDwemerBowAndHelmet.esp***HintsTo find the items, visit 'Arkngthand, Deep ore passage' and travel to the structure at it's end. Levitate to the roof and search the stoneblocks on the left side directly above and in front of the broken bridge under the roof. There are two units of each item, just in case you're playing with a companion...***CreditsZyndaar for his Bow-meshDave Humphrey for NIFTextureThe Secret Masters for the Enchanted EditorMesh of the Helmet is an original by Bethesda, as are the textures which were altered by me.***Additional notesAnyone may freely use the content of this plugin in any mod, as long as all credits are given as they should.Though, this very plugin may not be redistributed through any other Internetdatabase without my permission.For bugreports etc. contact me via The Official Elder Scrolls MessageBoards.