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Added: 23/05/2005 - 08:45PM
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Adventurer's shopCreated By Sorcha RavenlockThis file contains a new shop just outside Seyda Neen with everything a beginning adventurer could wish for. It sells tools,lockpicks, probes, scrolls, alchemy sets, some enchanted items with spells like Levitate, Mark, Recall, water walk etcetera. It also has low quality potions of cure common disease and poison, blight disease and paralyse, cheap potions of restore health, magicka and attributes.Scrolls of AI, DI and Ondusi Unhinging. . I've added a couple of robes (again, nothing extraordinary) but I won't be adding weapons and armor, Arille has some, the rest can easily be found in the various shops in Pelegiad and Balmora.All for the normal prices. Just all the things you might need in the beginning in one place.The only custom made thing I've added is three of Calishlan's retextured bedrolls, you can carry these around with you. calishlan was kind enough to give me permission to use these, if you want to use them ask for her permission please.calishlan's work can be found here: shop can be found just outside seyda Neen. Cross the little bridge and it will be on your left between the two big trees.If you want to use my mod for your own modding purposes that is fine, but please ask my permission and mention me in your read me.!!!!WARNING!!!!This mod has not been tested with any mod that alters seyda Neen. If you have a conflict, you're welcome to move the location of the shop. I haven't changed anything (landscape or otherwise) in the area the shop is in so you shouldn't have any problems. You can find the exterior of the shop in an interior cell called 1SR_testcell for this purpose, so you can copy and paste it to your chosen location easily.Installation:-------------Just unzip to the data files directory. This mod has been cleaned with TESTool.Credits:--------Calishlan for allowing me to use her bedrolls.NeilV for all his (invaluable) help.Myself.