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MGE XE Dynamic Shadows and Robert's Bodies bug

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Anyone has the same problem?


  1. Krokantschmerz
    • member
    • 271 posts
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    Yep, same problem here.
    1. Reizeron
      • member
      • 520 posts
      • 76 kudos
      Well, at least I'm not alone in this.
    2. Reizeron
      • member
      • 520 posts
      • 76 kudos
      Hey, I think I figured out why this happens: it's due to bodypart meshes overlapping with each other - the dark parts is where there are faces from multiple bodyparts in the same place.
      The Robert Bodies is a bit too complex, but I managed to fix Better Bodies meshes so that doesn't happens to them!
    3. cibrhusk
      • supporter
      • 105 posts
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      If you managed to fix it, please upload your meshes. Currently the best version of Better Bodies that I know of is Better Bodies 3.0 Pluginless found at
      Same page also has 'Better Bodies Meshes for MacKoms heads fixed' which is even more updated, but unfortunately still has the missing neck bug.
      Both versions however have the shadow bug, same goes for 'Better Bodies ZW'
  2. ExuberantWitness
    • premium
    • 2 posts
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    I know I'm about a month late but I began to notice this same exact issue last night. Once I turned off Dynamic Solar Shadows the seams and marks on my character's arms were gone. Kind of annoying because I like having Solar Shadows on.

    Did either of you guys manage to find a means of fixing this? I've searched everywhere and I can't find anything other than this. I've tried reinstalling BB, BB(HQ), Neck fix and the Hand fix. None of which has made any difference (obviously).