hand modelled terrain test

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  1. Zobator
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    So is this a mesh covering the terrain or what? What about performance?
    1. PeterBitt
      • member
      • 170 posts
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      Yes, its a mesh replacing the original terrain. Since I made a simplified collision mesh, split in small parts, the performance is actually great. Since the collision mesh has only around 5k polies while the vanilla one has 8k, the performance should actually be better.
    2. Reizeron
      • member
      • 414 posts
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      Isn't original terrain still there, just "underground" now? Or did you manage to somehow get rid of it altogether?
    3. MelchiorDahrk
      • supporter
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      I feel like you could get rid of it altogether if you deleted it from the ESM perhaps... but I bet it's still underneath in Peter's test. However, I would imagine it will just get rendered, not be in the collision calculation since nothing is colliding with it.
  2. Ferretmyster
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    This is really good actually. I know that for Tamriel Rebuilt, I suggested something like this to fill in the ocean where skyrim, cyrodiil, and black marsh are. Just to make it seem like there is more outside of morrowind, just you cannot go to it. And also so that you can fully explore the terrain on your map menu, and not have there be more to the map you cannot go to. Are you planning on using a bird eye view of vvardenfell to create the textures?