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Okay, this is all very different. I probably screwed up by not changing the screenshot settings. I swore up and down (to myself) I was never going to alter a screenshot image. What you see is what will be seen. Did start jacking resolution on faces and hair. Working several retextures concerning both. But the kicker is adding an alpha channel to the hair. At first I didn't think it would work, apparenty it will. But I'm using MGSO. Just need to find the right setting for my alpha channel. Haven't gone to Open Morrowind even though it would probably fix a LOT of the texture issues I'm having. Fact of matter the is ... A lot of the original mod authors are no longer with us. So I'll keep everything as it is and just learn to work around it. That said, All be Well :) !!! Truly, Anoxeron


  1. FastBlackCat
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    She looks darn good to me.
  2. RubberMan01
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    Adding a glow map helps a tonne to mate.