Hlaalu retexture WIP

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  1. Stavroguin
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    That's a huge improvement from previous shotpack. Yet the tiling is very obvious. Are thouse sculpted or photobashed?
    And I would change hue a bit to make it less orange and saturated.
    Any plans for OpenMW support?
    1. Lougian
      • supporter
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      Thanks ! Yes, I like when the textures are rough, but it make them look repetitive. I'll see how I can make them less repetitive. Maybe by modifying the mesh and adding some decals, but that would require a lot of time to do. The textures were made from photos.
      Well I like the saturation but I understand that something more neutral could be better, I'll desaturate them a bit for the release.
      Yes, I will do a normal map and parallax compatibility patch for OpenMW.