version 4.1.0

new meshes for Redmon Barrens buildings.
Topics added to Future Mournhold.
new quests added to Future Mournhold.
new maps available for Future Mournhold.
better loot and enemy NPCs.

version 4.0.9

new textures and meshes for future mournhold.
dialog fixes.

version 4.0.3

Pixelzation issue fixed in Redmond Barrens.
Smaller resolution textures with better quality.
neon lights added back into neon city (finally).
new 3d industrial tank models.
Music bug in nightclubs. Music still playing after exiting has been resolved.

version 3.4.7

Guns fixed.

version 3.4.6

Adrian's door fixed.
no more 2d neon city lights.

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