This is my first mod and first version of the Sleep Anywhere Legally Mod.

I hope that some of you will enjoy this simple mod, any critique would be great as i am working to improve anything possible.

Feel free to give any suggestions to basically anything (New mods, improvements, etc.)

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    Hello. I was looking for a mod that allowed the player character to sleep anywhere legally, even without a bed. From a roleplaying perspective I imagine my character has a bedroll. So maybe one night he's in Seyda Neen and needs a place to sleep. He will slip into the lighthouse and lay down his bedroll and sleep. Is this possible? Maybe the more lore-friendly approach is that it's still technically illegal, but your character can do it anyway, so that if you're sleeping within city limits (but not in a rented bed) there is an 'x' percent chance that you'll be caught and fined.

    This is a really great start though so I think I'll give it a try.