Happy friday!

When I came back to the world of Morrowind recently, the first thing that caught my eye were the terrible ground textures. Instead of gras you get a stretched mess of green and brown pixels. I really like the visual aesthetics of Morrowind, so I tried to find a mod that fixed that problem for me. Unfortunatelly all texture sets I found were either  changing the look drastically or were upscales of the original ones with
filters applied to them (this doesn't improve anything).

So I decided to do it myself. After having some fast success with ground textures I started to experiment with normalmaps for the openMW engine.

I am senior Graphic designer so doing this is my passion and I learned a lot during the process. Everything took me about 2-3 weeks of work, so I hope you appreciate it. Some more complex ground/tiled textures are still missing because they are quite hard to reproduce. I might work on it in the future.

For now I will go back playing the game. Please share your opinion and show some screenshots of the textures in action. I am just 1 guy so it would help if you could help me improve on my work :)

Still some few things have to be tweaked but I things it's ready to be shared.

Thank you for downloading!

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