These mods were made on the TES Construction set, after having the original files installed.

There were some hiccups, but otherwise these files are operational.

The main instructions needed were how to move around on the screen. Shift moves the camera angle with a left mouse click and drag. Z plus the mouse click move the objects up and down from the surface. middle mouse roller performs zoom actions.

Load any plugins(esp/esm) and only select a active file, if you are NOT making a patch. This will overwrite the selected file with changes.

-I noticed in the game that most doors/items were blocked by rocks. You can click the object, and it will be highlighted. Press delete to remove the item.
-Click and drag to remove walls or other items.
-If needing duplicate items of walls or other highlighted items, click control+d. You can then drag the item, and move its duplicate wherever you need it,
-To rotate, select item and click with the right mouse button, then move the mouse to rotate.(this may take a while if the resource is loading)

In the mods, some items were covered partially or completely by landmasses. To fix this, press H to open the landscape editor

-Smooth option will make inclines easier to move over with a character
-the level option will make the selected area and around it flat. When using this, changed your camera angle to the side view, the ensure that the height is where you need.
***It is best to save changes before attempting leveling, as it is a bit of a learning curve.***

In addition, I moved an entire building due to limited access. click and drage around a group of objects to move the whole set at once. If clicking a building, the doors and other objects may not move, which look attached.

Click save for either the patch file or to update the original(active) esp file.

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