Skyrim - Direnni Ruins of the Druadach

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Today I have another screenshot for you all from the beautiful and fantastic Skyrim - Home of the Nords project, a province mod that seeks to add Skyrim to the gameworld of Morrowind.

This time around you can see some of the old Direnni ruins that dot the landscape of the Reach, forlorn relics of a past era when the Direnni Hegemony of Aldmer clans held power in this area. Now after so many eons, their fortresses have been smashed, their towers crumble, and the halls and walls that once commanded respect and projected power in this region are but the home of tribal Reachman and their meager livestock. But still they dominate the landscape, a reminder of a time and age long forgotten, like so many other ruins of the Reach.

Now we recently did an interview with Roerich and Worsas where we talked a lot about the lore of the Reach and their version of Skyrim, and as a bonus, that interview also includes some of the only video-footage available for the current version of the Druadach region, as well as over 90 minutes of the various cities, towns and villages of the Reach.

If you're interested in learning more about the project, or perhaps joining up and helping build up this amazing mod, I'd recommend checking out Project Tamriel and their forums. You can also find a couple of trailers for Skyrim - Home of the Nords, including one for Vorndgad Forest, and one for the Druadach Highlands here. There's also an early alpha version of the Vorndgad Forest that you can download here.

But seriously, if you're at all interested in Skyrim - Home of the Nords, please consider joining up and helping out the project. Modding is easy, and they need developers in every field, especially interiors and questing. If you need tutorials, we do have a few video tutorials that can be of help, including this one on interior design, this one on quest design, and this one on dungeon design. Now these tutorials aren't for SHOTN exactly, but if you want to learn how to mod, they'll help a lot, and I'm going to tentatively announce that we do plan on making some SHOTN-specific tutorial videos using the newly released Tamriel Data Files that includes all of the resources found in SHOTN. If you're interested in becoming a SHOTN modder, you can find a set of guidelines here for submitting a showcase.