ModTown 2015 - Forests of Creatia Island

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The south-eastern tip of Creatia Island, just outside the borders of ModTown proper, is completely covered in lush forests, full of flower beds, scenic pathways, and small homes belonging to local NPC residents. It's here that you'll find a couple of modder plots, including my own, as well as outdoor dining spaces and a ship to take you back to ModTown whenever you desire, though the residents here can be a bit on the quirky side...

Interested in joining up with ModTown 2015, or just want to learn more about the project? Head over to our forums for more information, and you can check out our screenshot gallery for progress on the project! Want to play the current build of ModTown? You'll find the current version available here (but needless to say it's still incomplete).


  1. Flash3113
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    I really like it, especially the stairs made of planks.
  2. mikeandike
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    Looks great!