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  • Tribunal Installer Splash Screens

    Tribunal Installer Splash Screens

    Last Update: 26 Apr 2018
    Author: Glisp

    So I managed to get into the Tribunal installer's files and extract these splash screens. I decided to use waifu 2x to make them much larger for more modern PC's (unless you're running a bad computer, this shouldn't be an issue.Coming Soon: SD versions for those WITH crappy computers.

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    Tribunal Installer Splash Screens

    Last Update: 26 Apr 2018
    Author: Glisp

    So I managed to get into the Tribunal installer's files and extract these splash screens. I decided to use waifu 2x to make them much larger for more modern PC's (unless you're running a bad computer, this shouldn't be an issue.Coming Soon: SD versions for those WITH crappy computers.

News & Updates

  • New Artifacts

    Adds a quest that begins in Seyda Neen. In the small village, you will find a dirty old book which will direct you to Arrille's tradehouse. On the top floor, you will find another book, which will tell you the location of the first artifact. 


  • Uncompressed original textures.

    Uncompressed original textures.

    For some reason, the Morrowind installer puts hardly compressed textures to your the PC, which may have been intended for consoles. Uncompressed textures have the same resolution, but take up to 6 times more memory and have much greater clarity.

    I accidentally stumbled upon this mod when I was looking for a high-definition rettexture for vanilla faces, because I did not like all the replaycers (except for individuals, but I can not install them individually).

    Mod's author - Sigourn:
    It was hard work for him, read:


    Left is vanilla Morrowind. Right is using loose files from GOG version that the game doesn't use by default....

  • Adamantium Crate

    This tiny mod adds a crate in Salothran ancestral tomb that has full adamantium armor in it, and an Adamantium helm on top of it....

  • Roscrea Patch List

    version 4.0.0

    nifs located ( elf ears ).
    Heleaegithil quests open.
    dialog and lore problems addressed.
    npc's have topics.

    version 3.4.8

    minor continuity issues fixed.
    hunters crossbow fixed.
    travel to nefgeirr fixed.


    small patch for 3.4.7
    fixes crossbows.
    missing meshes and textures.

    version 3.4.7

    guns fixed.
    missing sound files found.

    version 3.4.6

    50+ meshes no longer missing.
    dialogue changes.
    Adrian's door fixed.
    no more 2d neon city lights.
    and a few minor continuity issues corrected....

  • monster manual ( only new creatures )

    Roscrea : Nymphs, Pixies, Gnomes, Wisps, Sylphrim, Kolbolds, Brownies, Cannibals, Worgs, Dragons, Golems, Sharks, Soul shriven, Ethereal, and Banshees.

    Future Mournhold : Ghouls, Wights, Hellhounds, Mutants, Junkies, Skags, and Shades.

    Loknarr Worlds : Formions, Dryders, Metal Horrors, Daedric bats, Cecaelia, Sea snakes and a variety of sea life.

    and mabe more......




    As of v.2 I have added more stuff to the table with all the weapons and armor on it v.3 will have mentors ring/the bipolar blade/and other stuff I will upload v.3 when I get 20 or so more items added to the table NOTE I am NOT using ANY CHEATS to get items so if you want more bear with me it would speed things along if others were to tell me where other artifacts /rare items were...

  • Morrowind Museum Community Project Versions

    please post your version of the save and what you added...

  • Recommended Graphics Mods

    A set of texture replacers that are true to vanilla, or enchances it greatly. I will add more replacers whenever I feel it's necessary.

    HD Vanilla Textures (install first)

    Westly's Pluginless Head and Hair Replacer (install second)

    Robert's Bodies (Install third)
    I recommend that you get the head replacer addon included in the download, and if asked to overwrite any files press 'yes'. The heads will replace those that you previously installed in Westly's Pluginless Head and Hair Replacer.
    Included in this package is also a mesh replacer for Dagoth Ur which I do recommend you check out.

  • Dwemer Rebirth Project Features


    Over 200 new meshes added to the Dwemer resource pool thus far.
    Please not: All meshes are released as a work in progress and each
    ruin will see meshes improved as time goes by.

    Dwemer books have been re-textured to look old and dirty.

    Working elevators for tower access and lower levels.

    Dwarven rune cubes introduced with their own special uses.

    Player can raise Armourer level by repairing items/ machinery within the ruins.

    Extended pipe set including valves, gauges, flanges and more.

    Scripted events.

    Usable items. If it has a name. Click it!

    Future additions:

    Usable machinery.

    Usable scrap metals.

    Deep Watch Abyss c...

  • Compatibility

    Morrowind Rebirth is a huge modification and will not work well with a lot of other mods, especially mods that make changes to the landscape or add new buildings.

    Not compatible with:

        Mods that alter the landscape in any way. Conflicting landscape edits will cause major issues where buildings or other static objects become submerged and can't be viewed or accessed as intended.
        Mods that alter meshes such as trees and rocks. Morrowind Rebirth was built with a specific set of tree/rock meshes and will not work well with other tree/rock replacers.

        Mods that add new buildings, such as house mods. Same issue as above.

    Compatible with:

        Mods that alter stats (value, weight, weapon speed et...

  • Recommended Gameplay Mods

    Djangos Dialogue
    Adds new entries to 'litte secret', 'background', 'services' and much more.

    LGNPC - Dialogue Only
    Adds less generic dialogue responses that help define an NPC's personality.

    Nastier Camonna Tong
    This mod adds more offensive greetings to members of the Camonna Tong.

    Visible Mournhold Temple
    Makes the Mournhold Temple spires, as well as the Palace, visible from all Mournhold locations.

    Mountains of Mournhold
    This mod adds a mountainous landscape behind the walls of Mournhold.

  • How to update an old save-game

    A lot of people ask me about save game compatibility between patches. It's actually not a problem if you use Wrye Mash. So what's Wrye Mash and why should you get it? Here's a short description from the UESP Wiki

    "Wrye Mash is a general purpose utility for managing and repairing mods and savegames. Currently it is the only tool that systematically prevents NPC doubling. It combines multiple mod-management capabilities making it one of the most strongly recommended utilities for both modders and players".

    Download the program here: then follow the steps down below.

    How to update your save-game to a new version using Wrye Mash

    Here are the recommended steps from the Wrye Mash readme:

    • Y...

  • Tamriel_Data naming scheme

    General prefixes and suffixes
    Race Prefixes:
    Com = Not specific to any race
    Cr = Created by animals or beast races (Goblins eg.)
    Arg = Argonian
    Bre = Breton
    De = Dark Elf
    He = High Elf
    Imp = Imperial
    Kha = Khajiit
    Nor = Nord
    Orc = Orc
    Rga = Redguard
    We = Wood Elf
    Dwe = Dwemer
    Dae = Daedric
    Aka = Akaviri (summarizing the Akaviri races for simplicity and legibility)
    Fal = Falmer
    Ayl = Ayleid
    Rea = Reachmen
    Mao = Maormer
    Province Prefixes
    Glb = Not specific to any province
    Sky = Skyrim
    Mw = Morrowind
    Cyr = Cyrodiil
    Ham = Hammerfell
    Hig = Highrock
    Bkm = Blackmarsh
    Els = Elsweyr
    Val = Valenwood
    Sum = Summerset I...

  • Original Description

    Starting with release 1609, Tamriel Rebuilt and Project Tamriel will move to a new data structure. TR_Data, PC_Data, Skyrim_Data are
    out, Tamriel_Data is in, and a host of changes come with it!

    Culminating from a year of hard work, Tamriel_Data contains a unified
    file structure spearheaded by Project Tamriel and Tamriel Rebuilt as the
    first adopter.

    Not only will this make assets from both projects available to each other and third party modders, but the assets
    are organised in a logical, easy to navigate syntax, enabling our
    modders to create content more easily. An object id will now have the
    context that was previously only known by trial, error, and experience.

    It will probably not quite loo...

  • So we're on The Nexus - introduction to MWAT

    You may have watched the Pix and Vids and wonder : how by the Nine am I going to escort the Telvanni Bride to her Zainab Husband, Reeh-Jah to Ebonheart, or Itermerel to Pelagiad in such a dangerous world?

    Yes! That's the spirit! Foes that could easily wipe out an entire town with one blast are no match for such feeble companions. I will leave the solution to you. Do yourself a favor and keep the save from right before the journey.

    If you have a hunch that this version of Vvardenfell is pretty dangerous, you're right. May i suggest you find Reeh-Jah first and stay away from Ebonheart for a while? Up to Level 20 he'll be quite an asset.

    It can be done. I've had L50 Nerevarines successfully escorting distressed damsels all over ...

  • Coming up in UMOPP version 1.1

    Recently, I'd released UMOPP 1.0, expecting it to be the the last non-.esm edition of UMOPP, however I've run into quite a few issues which I only noticed after completely going over each of the plugins again. Many of these were minor issues, however, and were easily fixed, however I spaced out for one thing I'd promised -- "firemoth_cat" never made a home trip. He was properly disabled, but he never made it home. This will be fixed in the next patch, no worries. A small list of other fixes include:
    -Removed previous ownership flag setting for the Berandas Propylon Index -- looking over the dialogue has changed my mind, and has allowed me to remove three (now) unnecessary references for greater compatability. (UMOPP_master_index.esp)(UMOPP_master_index_T...