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  • Historical Feedback Log

    This contains Historical Feedback From the Sticky, and will be updated when new releases happen:


    OldFeedback on v1.5; (implemented multihit for Count Thrust, and both strikes of Finishing Twin Thrust; missing can give -66%, while
    good aim +33%)
    - Probably going to keep things mostly stable for the time being. Any specific feedback from users or ideas from me will be
    posted here for user review.
    --- Playtesting Feedback: several MR missions have shown me that landing all of the hits on either the
    Counter Thurst or the Twin Finishers is actually a challenge. Unless a
    monster is downed and jammed up in a corner, there's enough movement
    that you need to time things and aim correctly to get it to work. Any

  • Super Saijang 3

    This is a replacement of Rajangs cry with Goku's cause Rajang basically is Goku. Simple as that.

    This is the second of a series of mods to meme up the game. I aim to replace the cries of all the monsters in the game with memes (there will probably be Jojo references)....

  • Version 1.1 released. NEW FEATURE

    Version 1.1 has been released, adding a small new feature. Download the update and follow the same installation procedure.

    ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------


    -Emission map has been added to the penis' material. Get Odogaron and Ebony Odogaron into an enraged state, and watch his veins glow and pulse with sheer anger.

    ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------

    Just a little bonus I threw in. Hope you enjoy it!

    I currently don't have time to take screenshots, so I'll ask you guys to upload some for me. I'll pick the best to be featured on the mod page.
    Tip for taking screenshots: Try to only have the mons...

  • Version 1.2 released.

    Version 1.2 has been released to address a couple of small issues. Download the update for your preferred style and follow the same installation procedure.

    ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------


    -Slightly scaled up the size of Barioth's dick. It wasn't a bug or anything. I just wanted to.

    -Removed geometry from the dick's base decreasing the chances of it clipping through his body in certain animations, such as flying. Thanks to FlightlessWren for notifying me of this.

    ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------

    That's all. Probably won't touch this anymore ...

  • Armors And their FileID (Folder names)

    For custom Installation in case there's armor's from ysbag's that you don't use or use those armor by another mod author.
    To prevent any issues with the CTC file replacing another mod, the best way would be to let that mod load after this one in Vortex.

    But in case you prefer the vanilla versions and would instead want to remove the ctc file heres a list of all armors and their ID (folder names)

    Armor   -    file ID
    Vaal Hazak - pl032_0010
    MR Kirin - pl035_0011
    Kulve Taroth - pl049_0010

  • Readme for Custom installs or removal of certain ctc files

    For custom Installation in case theres armor's from atrarch's that you dont use or use those armor by another mod author.
    To prevent any issues with the CTC file replacing another mod, the best way would be to let that mod load after this one in Vortex.

    But in case you prefer the vanilla versions and would instead want to remove the ctc file heres a list of all armors and their ID'

    Armor   -    folder ID

    Leather - pl001_0000
    Bone - pl003_0000
    Alloy - pl004_0000
    Vespoid - pl007_0000
    Kulu piece- pl009_0000
    Anja α+ - pl020_0001
    Anja ß+ - pl020_0011
    Fulgur α+ - pl020_0101
    Fulgur ß+ - pl020_0111
    Girros Mask α+/ß+ - pl022_0000
    Legiana - pl027_0000

  • First mod released on nexus ever

    Hello all! This is my first mod i've ever released onto the nexus!

    Have patience with me if i did something wrong in the upload process or in case there are any bugs/missing stuff in the mods themself and report it so i can fix it for future updates!

    I didn't test out these all too much so any reports are welcome.

    I didn't test out the No physics version at all so if that one have issues let me know....

  • How to replace vanilla weapons with vanilla weapons.

    If you want to replace vanilla weapons with vanilla weapons, it's a bit of a long process.

    There are some limitations that must be known before starting.

    You can not use a combined weapon model that uses a part model to replace a unique model. (Models that use part models will say combined and have a part model path next to them.)
    You can not replace a weapon that you used to replace another weapon. (So if you replace Wyvern Blade Luna with the Hellish Slasher, you can't replace the Hellish Slasher or you will have problems.)
    Safi'jiiva weapons may or may not work, they work differently from normal weapons.

    First you need to extract the chunkG0, chunkG1, and chunkG3 file using MHWNoChunk.

    The Monster Hunter Modding...

  • Common problem and solution for SmartHunter

    关于Smart Hunter插件的常见问题
    SmartHunter3/18版本更新后 若出现伤害统计显示缺失问题 取消Dont show if alone勾选 并重启插件
    SmartHunter4/13版本更新后 若出现玩家模块显示错误问题 取消Automatically check and download updates勾选 下载最新汉化包覆盖并重启插件


  • AsteriskAmpersand

    without AsteriskAmpersand i cant make this mod...

  • Sexy Topless-Huge Breast Butt-Thong-Oily (Iceborne Compatible )

    Sexy Topless-Huge Breast Butt-Thong-Oily (Iceborne Compatible )
    Replaced with "Layered Armor --- Orion".

    Thank you very much to the original author: UberGrainy , ysbag 

    I just modified the *.tex file.

    Tips: Only for Layered Armor !!!

    By dduncan...

  • FelyneBooster


  • Automated Steamworks Fully-Loops and Hands-Free by Martin P.

    I. An Autohotkey script I wrote solely made for Monster Hunter World
    II. Automates the Mini Game Key Sequences of Steamworks & It Fully Loops. 
    III. Compatible with Base Game & Iceborne Expansion
    IV. Requires Autohotkey

    Alt+q = Run Script
    Alt+e = Pause

    Known Bugs: 
    Pausing running script doesn't work at times. It kind of lags & delays the task.
    Be patient.
    As an emergency, directly close the Autohotkey Tool if it ended up unstoppable.

    -Märtïn x-Wïng-x aka xWïngx

  • Choo Choo Gunlance

    I hope this mod works just fine for everyone....

  • Element Damage Ammo

     - Normal-1 deals 100% element/hit
     - Normal-2 deals 115% element/hit
     - Normal-3 deals 125% element/hit
     - Spread-1 deals 50% element/hit
     - Spread-2 deals 35% element/hit
     - Spread-3 deals 35% element/hit
     - Pierce-1 deals 60% element/hit
     - Pierce-2 deals 40% element/hit
     - Pierce-3 deals 40% element/hit
     - Slicing deals 15% element/hit
     - Wyvernheart deals 20% element/hit
     - Wyvern-Snipe deals 40% element/hit, 100% subsequent explosions
     - Wyvern-Snipe-2 deals 500\400\300\200% element/hit with 200/100/50/35 KO Damage
     - Clutch-Heart deals 15% element on first 8 hits, 96% on final hit.
     - Clutch-Snipe deals 158% element...

  • Changing Hair Color

    The hair uses a special material for nice shiny shading and fur effects. The downside is that this material can only be dyed when put in the hairstyles or potentially a few helms. However, this can be changed manually by simply changing RGB values in the .mrl3. It's super easy and allows for more control!

    1) Download Asterisk's mrl3 editor here: Click the .exe to download and run the program.

    2) Navigate to "...\Monster Hunter World\nativePC\pl\f_equip\pl073_0000\helm\mod" and drag f_helm073_0000.mrl3 into the editor.

    3) Click on the material in the middle column you'd like to change the hair color of. (Image and legend below)

    4) Open CBMhMaterial...

  • danke

    was soll ich schreiben? warum ist es so schwer zu hochladen?
    diese mod ist ein Test \
    das ist zu verbessern
    이 모드는 테스트에요
    왜이렇게 올리기가 어려운지 모르겠어요 
    많은 이들의 도움으로 허접한 모드가 나왔습니다 감사 ...

  • Bits on editing the SHLP files

    What is needed:

    - hm/wp/wp12/shell/data/*
    - Monster-Hunter Editor by Synthlight
    - Hex-Editor of your choice

    Encrypting-Decrypting SHLP

    You need to make a bat file. Go to notepad and save these content, and save the file as (Save As), all-files, but the name with <file name>.bat

    <Editor.exe path-file> -encrypt <file-name-1> <file-name-2>
    <Editor.exe path-file> -decrypt <file-name-1> <file-name-2>

    For example: (note that you have to replace the file-path with EXACTLY the path towards the monster-hunter editor executable. You can add as many lines as you want.

    D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World\MHW Modding\MHW Edit...