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Enhances what the game offers without overdoing anything. Reduces blur while using TAA+FXAA, slight color boost, optional MXAO and depth based SMAA.

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**Might be a bit hard to tell a difference from screenshots due to compression and what not.

Hey there, thanks for coming by!

What is Sildur's enhanced Monster Hunter: World?
It's a simple ReShade preset that aims to improve what the game offers without changing it's look or feel completly. It offers a little bit stronger colors and sharpening filters to reduce the blurry mess with fxaa+taa. There's also MXAO and depth based SMAA to get all the jagged edges. MXAO can be toggled with F9, while SMAA can be toggled with F8, both are off by default.

It should be very lightweight, I'm capped at 60 just fine, my gpu load went up by about 5% with reshade on.

Important ingame settings:
- If you use MXAO (F9, off by default) turn off ingame ambient occlusion.
- Turn on Fxaa+Taa (the sharpfilter will reduce it's bluriness)

1. Download my modified reshade build.
2. Go into your Monster Hunter World folder.
mine's at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World
3. Extract the files inside the zip file into that folder.
4. Launch the game, you should get a message in the upper left corner that reshade is being initializied.
5. Play the game!

You can turn my preset on and off by pressing F11. You can also turn off the minor color boost by pressing F10.

Delete dxgi.dll, ReShade.ini and the ReShade folder.

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