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ZeroPAiN - but technically hqvrrsc4

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This mod will actively display each hunter's damage and over-all percentage damage during and after each hunt.
It has a resize-able UI and can be moved. More features to be added over time.

Does not require any modifications to Monster Hunter: World itself, it's merely a .exe that is run after you launch the game. May have to run it

Permissions and credits
This particular tool shows the damage that all Hunters Connected are doing to the large monster. If you've played other MMO's that have damage mods like this, you'll be familiar with it. It doesn't include a DPS monitor or anything yet, but it will show numerically what each hunter's damage is.

This tool does not write or modify anything to your game installation, so there's no risk of it interfering with your game.

Run the game first, then launch the tool. The tool will quit when you exit the game.

You may need to run the tool with admin privileges.

Tool acts like a transparent overlay. Please use borderless-fullscreen for it to function properly, otherwise you'll need to have it on a separate monitor or alt-tab to view it.

According to user "hqvrrsc4" :
Updated for Deviljho update. Only tested on Windows 10. Some reported it needs .NET Framework 4.7.2 to work on previous Windows versions.