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A mod that displays you and your team's damage to monsters in quests. It does NOT require any modification to the game file or memory.

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Monster Hunter World is not a hard game. It is a game about fighting monsters together. It is a game with a variety of playable weapons/builds and not all of them focus on dealing damage. It is more than reasonable for some weapon to deal much less damage than other weapons. You should not expect everyone to play the game seriously. The tool is for you to know the strength and weakness about yourself - It is not for you to blame others unless someone is not even casually playing the game. Please BE POLITE, thanks.

适用于steam版。只保证windows 10可以稳定运行。其他windows版本可能需要.NET Framework 4.7.2

English description:
The tool displays damage of you and your teammates. If you played MMOs like WoW before, it should be familiar to you. The tool is simple and does not write or modify your game or files in any way, so there should be minimal risk. 
Run the game first then the exe file. The tool exits with the game. 
You don't need to run the tool with administrator privileges unless you are running the game as administrator.
The tool has a transparent background so you shall drag the bars to move the window over your game so it acts like an overlay. Of course you should use borderless fullscreen or you have to alt-tab out to check the numbers.
Only tested on Windows 10. Some reported it needs .NET Framework 4.7.2 to work on previous Windows versions.

Additional information:
1. The numbers are read directly from the game itself. (Yes, the game records damage dealt by each player.) So the numbers are displayed as is, including how bombs/environmental damage/hitting dead monster work. (Not a bug)
2. Sometimes the numbers could be wrong (I had ~12000 dmg reduced to ~2000 once), especially when players leave / change equipment mid-quest. It's not a mod issue, probably related to bad connection. Even the after-quest statistics shows the wrong damage number (the card that shows when someone deals more than 70% of the party damage). 
3. There will be no explicit damage numbers display during quests. Please understand that showing percentages is not game-breaking while showing numbers is. If you want the numbers please make your own version. (Quick guide for dummies: get ILSpy. I've put everything you need in the exe)

1. 伤害数字是直接从游戏内读取的(游戏存储了每个玩家的伤害总量,用于“资深猎人”的统计项),也就是说是游戏决定哪些算造成了伤害哪些不算(包括不限于爆彈、落石等环境伤害、鞭尸等等,如果你觉得不合理,那也是因为游戏就是这么记录的,除非重新做一个所有数据自己统计的插件)
2. 伤害数字是有可能出错的!有一次我打尸套龙被少算了大约10000点伤害,并且队友提示“资深猎人”(历战尸套龙有20000+的血我的队友打了10000),也就是说这个游戏记录错数据了,而不是插件的问题,猜测和半路加人/换装备/steam版网络差有关。
3. 任务中不显示伤害具体数字是故意为之。为了不破坏游戏性(显血)。如果你非得要数字请自行修改(exe没有保护,等同于源码,请随便改)