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Ever think, man...there should be a wedge beetle here. Guess what, I'm making it happen!

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Ever think, man...there should be a wedge beetle here? Guess what, I'm making it happen!

I've added Wedge Beetles to the world of Monster Hunter and plan on adding more! At the moment, some of them are in mid air and plan on figuring out how to spawn world objects so I can make it look more natural for immersion purposes. If you decide to play online with this mod, please keep in mind that others will look at you weird as you swing around like Spiderman because they can't see the Wedge Beetle in their world without my mod.

version 2.0 includes
Ancient Forest
Section 08: Added 2, on the big Vine wall.
Section 11: Added 1,  on the tree trunk where you get washed down by the damn. Don't let that Ratholos get away.
Section 13: Added 1, above the vine wall
Section 14: Added 1, above the vine wall
Section 15: Added 3, I think...2 I know on the vine wall and the other at the end of Section 15 by the fine wall

WildSpire Wasteland
Section 7: 1, by that Dead Tree. It swings better now...

Coral Highlands
Section 12: 1, where you normally fight Kirin/Legiana and they try to go back up to the next. That big Vine is takes a big chuck of time to climb so I added a Wedge Beetle there.
Section 08: 4, one by Section 10 where the pit is, the other on the other side where you come up from Section 2, 2 of the by the vines from where you fight Paolumu.

Rotten Vale
Section 11: 2, one at the campsite above the vine wall. The other at the end where the mushroom is but it doesn't work at the moment. I'll need to figure it out...
Section 07: 1, on the bone piece.
Section 08: 1, by the honey 

Elder's Recess
Section 8: 2, One by East Camp and the other by the Gajalakas where you would drop but can't come back
Section 4: 1, by Daora's nest. Normally there are 2 but now I've added the 3rd so you can get to the nest quicker.
Section 3: 1, by the big vines when you usually fight Dora or Bazel

I'm almost done with the mod, just need a couple fine tuning. Next on the list is to figure out how to add the world objects so the Wedge Beetles look more natural of where they are placed. There is a bug in the Rotten Vale that I need to address in Section 11. I mean, it's not necessary to fix but i would like to fix it.

I'm adding this in just in case someone long as they haven't messed with the stage files I've modified it should be fine but if you find it doesn't work let me know what other mods you have installed and I'll add it to this list.

Updating to 2.0
Please remove the previous st102, st103, st105 folders before installing the new version. It won't hurt it but it will help you out in the long run with new mods that come along.

To install the mod, you need to navigate to your Steam directory to Monster Hunter World. Commonly like...
[steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World]

Just drop the nativePC folder and load up Monster Hunter World.

To Uninstall the mod you need to remove the folder(s)...

The Boys/Girls over at Capcom for making this game on PC.
WorldChunkTool by MHVuze
The guys over at the Monster Hunter World Modding Discord (Asterisk and Ezekial)